Nate Bales

Haven’t seen any podcasts with Nate Bales in a long time. Is he still around? I like hearing his insights. Does he have his own venue where he talks about stuff?

Where’s Gozer!? I miss him to.

Haven’t seen him produce any content lately, but I know he’s still available for consulting. I booked a session with him last month and he was extremely helpful.

nate and scarlet are probably just busy. i sent him a msg the other day on his facebook as a follow-up to previous consult i did with him last year

I wish he would do some more podcasts with Koetting, I am sure they have plenty of great insights and stories they can share.

I would LOVE to see more podcasts with EA n Nate. They have always been the most amazing dynamic duo here and I miss it.

true,this guy Nate is really nice,good videos

Yea Nate is still around I can’t go into specifics of what he is doing now as it would be considered advertising, but yea he is on Facebook. And I think something happened between him and EA that they don’t do the podcasts. If u noticed during the most recent ones they were both pretty tense with each other

I think that is bullshit, and what podcast are you talking about where they seem pretty tense?

I thought this was their last podcast:
Why Sorcerers Fail At Evocation—And What To Do About It

Not sure exactly which one it is really it’s not the most recent no but a friend and I have seen it in a few a of the later 2015 videos. They cut each other off and shit. I’m not saying they are even at each other I was just theorizing what may have happened. I mean Nate has kids and shit too so he may just be too busy with them plus EA has books lined up this year. But whatever the case there must be more to the reason than any of us can guess. I know Nate Mate is working also on a project I am part of but I can’t say a whole lot about it on here due to the no advertising rule and that’s what they would label it as.

nate checked my text yesterday so he’s active. hopefully he posts up here (or elsewhere) sometime soon.

Havent been on here in a while, and was a nice surprise to see this topic! :slight_smile:
I’ve been doing great!! …and no, there is absolutely no friction between myself and Eric. lol
(Not sure where that seemed to be indicated, directly or indirectly). He is one of my Best Friends, and call him Brother with the utmost of Sincerity. I inadvertently found myself taking an extended hiatus from our podcasts, as things in my personal & profesional life started demanding more critical time and attention. I didn’t want to end up grinding out podcasts that were sub-par, and put out material just to have something to throw out there. I definitely would LOVE to cannonball back into Deep, Existential Topics with EA before too long, when the opportunity aligns itself for us. :slight_smile:
…Few can swan dive into the mysteries beyond the armchair with practical expirience like he can! I’m also considering starting my own “Blog-casts” in regards to a maelstrom of things key in my own Magick, Ascent, and the mechanics therein, after a few other things stabilize for me. …Definitely have many irons in the Black Fire, and things are coming along nicely. My wife Scarlett and I are also assembling our own massive Infernal Endeavor, which will storm the public in about the next 7-8 months.

I still research, practice, and perform various applications of sorcery on a daily basis...  Heavily in my own life, as well as with other adepts... and for others still through the consultation and ritual services offered here at Become A Living God.  Thanks for the inquiry, and kind shout-outs!!

I definitely look forward to being more involved, and interactive with the fun and powerful topics on this forum. :slight_smile:

~Nate Bales

Great to hear from you Nate!

I can speak for a lot of people when I say we are very much looking forward to seeing the fruit of your endeavours.

Can you tell us even a little bit about what you are referring to?
Would love to know!


Told you this forum Needs More Nate! :stuck_out_tongue:

Please come on and also, be absolutely fab if Scarlett would too, someone sent me a link to one of her dance videos and bloody hell, can that gal shimmy?!

Any thoughts she may have on magickal dance, embodiment of Shakti (or whatever), I was truly impressed and seriously, I don’t have to say this, I could just click “like” and nod and smile :stuck_out_tongue: but that would really be interesting to me, IF y’all get time of course, I know how things go. :slight_smile:

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