I was flipping through my dictionary of demons to call on and work with and landed on this one Nassar, i was wondering if anyone has a sigil on him i googled and used the search function on here and nothing

incase anyone is wondering what he does hes one of the 3 ministers to Canibores a president of hell. and can “create boundless enjoyment” in the opposite sex and sow love and lust between me and women

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This is the closest i can find it calls upon angels that are in command of the demons according to the book (the sworn book of honorious)

[CIX.] Of the spirits that be under planet of Venus.

There be others which are called Venereans, which be these:

Hanahel Raquiel Salguyel


Their nature is to provoke laughing, *lust, and desires, to love women, and to give flowers and fruits. Their bodies are of a mean stature in all points, for they be neither little nor great, neither fat nor lean. Their countenance is pleasant, white like snow. Their region is betwixt the South and the West.

[And there are three demons under them, one king and his two ministers, and all the other demons of Venus are subject to these, and they are: Sarabocres the king, Nassar, Cynassa , which rule the demons of the East and West winds, which are four, namely Cambores, Trachathath, Nassar, and Naasa . They may be compelled to serve, or they rest.]1