NAP group? New Avatar Power

Anyone doing NAP want to create a NAP group?? There are lots of threads on it but anyone fancy buddying up along the journey?


Ok if not NAP alone - Shem Angels working group? Damon Brand too?

A nap group? I always take naps alone, but I hope you find more people.


:rofl: I mean a group to chat about and share tips, progress, success working with the New Avatar Power book…

Or Damon Brand’s who uses similar

I did the cashbook with the help of my dead cat familiar (who is actually a Shalicu demon) and I got the money I asked for.


Nikita? Something sounding like that anyway? :sweat_smile: book not to hand… that’s the one I’ve seen most success stories about

Nitika is the spirit that the book recommends, but I wanted to work with my familiar because he was really good at hunting and catching stuff (he was raised by dogs),

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Wouldn’t just starting a NAP thread do that? Pretty sure there isn’t a “group” feature.

Ive been experimenting with Nap, and having good luck with it. But, i did tweak it.


Yeah kinda what I mean I think lol but a thread that “keeps going”

Oooh tell :grin: how did you tweak it?

I found This thread and threw out the self hypnosis for my own trance inducing method.

I also did a tiny tweak employing Elubatel to enforce the working, and make sure it is completed.

Synchronicity - I add Elubatel into my NAP ritual :laughing:

And use guided breathing before I do the NAP hypnosis plus theta bineaural during chanting

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I think you could use NAP just as it is and get good results, i would just use a different self hypnosis than what they use in the book.

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There’s a YouTube guided one of it I use… but after already getting in a trance state. But that thread is awesome, going to have to study that tomorrow!

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Like the FWB threads, or Omni’s chakra mantra threads?

That’d rock, I’d be down. I just pulled my copy of NAP out of storage.

Are you thinking something along the lines us deciding on an area of life we want to work on and do a working on that and detail the results here?

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Yeah helping each other through - some great “tweaks” already

Plus success stories help everyone’s faith and motivation :pray:

Be super keen to know if anyone has met their magic mentor? I keep expecting GGC to show up himself as mine in a trance :rofl:

Super down for Damon Brand group.

Awesome I just got the 72 angels book… keen to work in some of it to my NAP ritual. The singing, lightening and opening psalm…

Want to use the talisman and sigil too but never used ones I haven’t made and need to read up and charge it etc

I’ve been working with this book constantly for about 5 months. It’s awesome. If you want a cool working to start with for utter confirmation- find the angel (I can’t remember off the top of my head) that reveals answers in dreams. I had an answer revealed in 5 different dreams explained in multiple scenarios. I’d say 2 of them for sure were from the angels- the other 3 I might be able to chalk up to being my subconscious making me dream about it because it was a topic on my mind all day. That said, it very well could have been the angel just hammering the situation in my dream.

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How’s everyone doing? I have to say it’s going pretty well here - even not keeping up with rituals daily my SP is well and truly spellbound :grin:

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