Naming things after spirits

I’ve been naming characters in my book(s) after spirits/demons and now I’m curious, I’m hoping this wouldn’t be offensive to a spirit?
All the characters I’ve named after them are seen as being positive forces in the world I have created, and I don’t think I will be changing any of their names, but I was just curious to hear some thoughts on that sort of thing.

Pretty sure it doesn’t offend them. Instead they will like it as spreading their name is nothing but a service to them. Even if the character are villain type.

Oh well that’s good to hear!

Nope. It is done all the time in Hollywood. I evoked Belial one night, and afterwards watched a horror movie in which it turned out one of the characters was named Mrs. Belial :slight_smile:

hope you dont mind me asking but what was the movie? Horror is my favourite genre!

It was a British horror movie called the Coven.

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