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I just made an altar for the FWB Astral and physic workings. I posted a picture of it on my Facebook wall. On it you will find the sigil of a particular spirit, if you can PM me the name of the spirit by Monday at high noon (U.S. Mountain Standard time) you will win your choice of a free tarot reading or rune casting.

The spirit in question is a female
She is in one of EA’s books but is NOT a spirit that was found by EA. (So no, she is not in BOA)

This is the link, happy hunting!

Edit: ok took it out

Could you PM that please.

I don’t want other’s guesses to be influenced.

Shit is too easy, come on man give me a challenge lol.

Yeah I didn’t even look at the sigil and I’m certain I got it.

Maybe Orismen is just feeling generous and wants to give out a shit ton of readings. lol


Lol, I kid. It is my Spring Break and I had extra time. Also since this month’s FWB is all about psychic ability I figured I better do something psychic.

Alrighty, all the readings have been done. Save for two but they are thinking about what they want read.

So the spirit in question was indeed Mephistal, and holy cow a lot of you got that right :slight_smile:

Thank you to all of you who gave me the chance to read for you. I hope the readings helped.