Nabataea = amalek?

Eric, Ok there is a group of people in the bible called the Amalekites. They are a rival to Israel and the bible is very specific about endorsing genocide against them. Killing non combat young old and women is specifically mentioned. Almost all Christians deliberately ignore or edit these parts out.
joshephus a jewish histrorian adopted by the emperor at the time of the destruction of herods temple claimed that the Nabataean was Amalek.
Most Americans have seen images of Petra as the temple at the end of Lindiana jones and last crusade. Petra was an nabatean city.
I believe that Nephilim are slander against people like you. Because in biblical times they would think a magi was half demon or something. Genocide against cultures that practice magic seemed to be the goal of the dual sideline stories.

So is Josephus correct. Are the bad guys of the bible the source for your demonic script?

The bloodline of amalek according to the bible traces them to Mt seir. They are decended from Lotan according to the bible.
Lotan is a caananite sea god. and can be translated as leviathan.
Post script … there is also some interesting stuff about this about this I found in the dead sea scrolls.
Mt sier seems to linked entomologically to the angel known as Sariel Asariel or azazel.