Naamah vs lilith

I want to ask you some question who worked with lilith and naamah!
Ok, last night
I dreamt about lilith and naamah, in beginning i dont realized them!
2 extremely beautiful naked women came to me in my dream!
The older one has a slim body, beautiful breast, black hair, black eyes, fair skin
The younger one has plump body, round boobs, light brown hair, white skin
They are very beautiful! And they fight each other to have sex with me, lol it’s funny, the younger one say, “cmon fc with me” the older one say “no, with me first” and younger one say “no sist, you are older than me, he is not for you!” they grab my dick, lick me and they fight each other
It’s like in porn movie, so i leave them, and let them fight each other LOL
I dont know them! But when i try to think, who are they, i wake up, i ask about my dream, and i hear someone say “hahaha, they are lilith and naamah!”
Oh man, they are very hardcore man! Lol

I want to ask you some question! What’s the difference between naamah and lilith, who better?
What area they can help you? Wealth? Dream magick? Protection? Death magick?
What element they are? Their character? Possesive or not?

I dont know, some demon, want me to become their couples! First bahamut, but we didn’t reach an agreement! And now lilith and namaah want tl gangbang me! Lol