N00b question


So I posted two days ago, feeling like I successfully summoned Duke Sallos to some extent. Being new I’m not so sure how to “properly” form a relationship or really know if he is acting on my request or doesn’t care, etc.

My question is; is there a specific way to really get into contact with spirit/demon? I ask because the first night I drew Sallos’ sigil, recited his enn while focusing then spoke my request, but what I’d like to achieve. Afterwards I read Demons of Magic and saw a much more in depth way of evocation, also mentioning it states you should ask your request as if it’s already done and in present day, something I didn’t do.

The next night around 3 am I did the opening and core ritual stated in the book to a T, but I felt less of a connection than when I did it with the full sigil than with the hand drawn sigil I did and just using the enn.

Has anybody had more or leas of an experience not following the opening/core rituals and just going right into it like I originally did? Same question regarding how you ask your request; is it what you want or that you already have it and if it can just be spoken verbally rather than burning the petition?



I’d love to know as well. I’ve been working with the demons of magick book for a few months now and I do seem to connect with the demons but sometimes I’m not so certain that I’ve made contact. I would like to know of an easier and more effective way of working with these entities.


That’s because magic is something that you practice yourself not just read from a book, sure you learn from it but you don’t state to a T.


Yup. Right after I felt “ok so I followed instructions but there was so much to worry about it just didn’t feel natural.” I think for now I’m going to forget all that mumbo jumbo and do it the way I did first. Honestly if you were to connect I feel as if doing it the raw, “get to the point” way would seem most effective and that’s what I did the night prior. Tonight I want to try and summon Dantalion for help on the same thing but from a different direction.


I don’t find much fulfillment in following specific rituals or methods; I just do what feels right. Usually, I barely use any tools when I evoke. Just a hand-drawn sigil, occasionally some candles, whatever offering I’m making, and the knife I use for blood sacrifices. I meditate and chant the enn until I feel the spirit enter the room with me. Ritual is much less important than intent, as most anyone on this site will confirm.

Best of luck with the Duke, by the way. He truly does great things. Hail Sallos!


So is drawing the sigil by hand really important? I’ve never drawn any of the sigils. I’ve been drawn to working with Dantalion since I first invoked him. I did the connective evocation ritual from demons of magick and it seemed to work. He gave me a ritual for a friend that didn’t work so that made me lose faith in whether or not I actually connected. So I’ve just been a little concerned about if I have ever actually interacted with him at all. I really want to form a relationship with him, his abilities could be useful in so many ways and I want to be a master manipulator. I know that sounds bad but I swear it’s not for nefarious purposes lol