N-space, M-space, And Consciousness (Article)

This article is fucking cool:

N-space, M-space, And Consciousness by Michael Prescott.

All of my experiences, especially working with other magicians on shared goals, have caused me to think that we have our own realities that jive, and that can definitely overflow and affect one another, but which are also in some ways completely seperate.

That article gives a possible model by which this happens, and also comes close to explaining why I (and I think other people here, though don’t wish to speak for anyone) have had the experience of a degree of “merger” to the underlying consciousness of the Multiverse, which then spill over into being able, temporaily at least, to affect the mass reality in literally godlike ways.

Good stuff, interesting ideas. Anyone interested in certain ideas put forward in the Book of Azazel should give it a browse.

I’m only 1/2 way through section 3…Damn, it is deep. Love it!!! So far seems to line up with everything I know of quantum physics. Thanks, Eva for finding and posting. I’ll be mulling this one over for a really long time.

Quote from the text.

"We are acquainted with nothing except our way of perceiving them in our own M-space, which is peculiar to our mode of consciousness, and which therefore does not necessarily pertain to every being, though it surely pertains to every human being."

I thought this line of the article was particularly apt to the discussion. Particularly as it states ‘our mode of consciousness’ and ‘not necessarily pertain to every being’. Our view as and from a mode of consciousness is changeable through means I’m sure most here are familiar with or will learn.

Lady Eva, I have a theory about this merger you speak of using the articles terms ‘a merger or overlap of M into N space’. One of the things that this article mentions is the ‘render capacity’ of the M-space. I think that this is the key issue. We have been conditioned psychologically and perhaps biologically to view things within a specific range of the N-space.

A way that I could explain my experience if N/M space merger is that the M-space was operating at max capacity, i.e. consciousness was complete with a full multi-sensory input stream to such an extent that the normal modes of thought were also being used. Perhaps similar to a computer analogy… all the cores were maxed… There was little to no ‘me’ left operating on any core, which usually had one or more available.

I think that this render capacity might be increased to some extent to allow at least a trace self some capacity to navigate and guide the manifestations more consciously.

I’m thinking the challenge for me was the loss of ‘an M-space’ along with many benefits, like you talk about. The issue seems to be maintaining a stable M-space when merging.

That is the issue I’m attempting to solve with structured ritual, allowing one to merge into N-space, work intent, and return with an identity intact.

Lady Eva, I think this relates tangentially to another post you made about meditating with seed rather than without, perhaps working towards the same end.

Thanks for the link.

Thomas Campbell’s `My Big Theory of Everything’ trilogy goes into a similar perspective and he pushes it with some references to experiments and how (using the articles vocabulary) cognizance in M-space seems to lock in N-space reality, as if N-space may be somehow both figure and ground. I suppose one of the issues is we have access through M-space only, at least with language and thinking, which we’re limited to in this medium.

Yes! That’s the basis of a lot of my current work, especially with demonic forces, I know I’ve posted about this stuff a lot so I’ll just repeat my core finding so far - that to become a god, you have to essentially embrace and attain the focus of a demon.

Anything less, especially if it’s muddled up in religious concepts like renouncing the world, or annihilating ego, will cause the will to collapse as it gets closer to the overpowering neutrality of the N-space/Source, and also (as I experienced, and many others) cause the world to begin renouncing you right back, and so on.

Also unless the conscious will is developed, the auto-correct mechanism in the subconscious can override you, which is why patterns repeat for people, and me no less than anyone else there.

Study accounts of shared dreams, that’s exactly how they work. Find some examples where you have both versions of the same dream from different people. It’s easier to grasp in dreams because everything is so literal.

Once you understand how it works in dreams, it’s easier to see that it’s no different in the waking world. The only difference is how many people are involved. In a shared dream, it’s easier to track who’s influence is what since there are usually only two people. Once you get used to seeing those influences in shared dreams, you can spot them in the waking world as well.

You’re all welcome to come find me in my dreams for a demonstration, I’ll learn 'ya a thing or two.