Mythology and earth

where do myths get ideas about werewolves, mermaids, draugr, elves, fairies and such? are they purely fictional? or only exist in the astreal? why did so many people believe in them in the old days?

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They exist astrally. Draugr are the spirits of the dead in Norse mythos and they are very really.

The Fae are all around. Elves too.


Many people still believe in them today, Ireland still won’t build anything on or near a fairy mound.

There are magicians that summon and deal with them regularly …fairies that is.


so, nobody ever gets eaten by werewolves on earth?

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Not too sure. They may. There are shapeshifters after all


interesting. thank you.

does anyone know more?

I’d agree with @KingOfHearts616

Shapeshifters have been found in almost all culture
Native Americans had the skinwalkers
Aztecs had the nagual
Europeans had werewolfs.

If your interested in shapeshifting I’d recommend books by Carlos Castaneda.