Mystically Mastering New Languages

Has anyone here worked w/ spirits in order to master new languages? To what extent have they helped? To that of a native?

Ronové, Agares and Saraswati are said to be helpful in that dept. I have searched the web, and would like to read more testimonies.

Of course, the most logical thing to do is actually learn the language, do the exercises, practise, converse etc., but I’m just curious to see how far those spirits may help take it.

Being just as good as a native is hard work! I’m Canadian, and know three languages already (from childhood — French, English, Haitian Creole).

No spirit work, but I have had dream memories of speaking fluently in other languages than those I consicously know. I was able to translate the bits of them I remembered after waking up and verify I did know it while I was sleeping.

this is something ive wondered about myself as im trying to learn german.

Ronoue and Forneus can teach you. They do not actually sit down with you and teach you one on one but they can give you the ability to learn other languages and at a really fast pace and understand with ease with little to no confusion over things like vowels and pronounciation.