Mystical Words of Power safe to use?

This is one of my top favourite books from Damon Brand, to use for helping myself. The rituals are so easy and simple, yet powerful and effective.

Recently I discovered that Yahweh was behind some of my problems. I discovered this via my personal spirit teachers, and it was confirmed via divination.

So I discovered that Cohzier could protect me from Yahweh and his minions. I now have his protection. He’s just told me not to call angels in Yahweh’s name. Pretty much all of my angelic grimoires use various names of God and Yahweh’s name to call forth angels.

He has suggested that I call these angels using their sigils, but to drop everything else. That’s regarding all other grimoires except for Mystical Words of Power.

But here’s the thing. If you’ve got a copy of the Mystical Words of Power, you’ll know that some of the Sigils in there are pretty unique. I’m wondering about the names that are said towards the end of the sigil. Like Ell, and Ell Shadai. Are these names of Yahweh? I’ve no idea what the Hebrew letters spell out.

How can I continue to use Mystical Words of Power without Yahweh coming into it? I use the empowered mind sigil, the find relief from anxiety and break the cycle of worry sigils in this book. They really help me. But no good if the angels are being summoned through Yahweh’s name in some way or other.


Want to chime in? Since you seem to like the GoM books…


From what I understand, El is actually an older Divine Name that is not directly connected to any specific deity. According to Henry Archer in his book, The Magick of Angels and Demons, “This is a divine name from so long ago, that some argue it is the original divine name, but I have found that it feels more like a name of active magick or creation.”

El Shadai, however, means “God Almighty” and is a direct reference to the god of Israel which is Yahweh, from what I found on wikipedia.


I think it is important to remember that occultists tend to mean something very different from those who follow modern religions, including Judaism, when God is being discussed. The “Yahweh” that you are referring to is, in my opinion, most likely some form of egregore formed from the beliefs of the ignorant.

Typically when I hear “Yahweh” I think of a few branches of protestant Christianity, particularly those with especially archaic, superstitious, and often prejudiced beliefs. These religious groups are incredibly intellectually in-bred. Those who disagree with the norm (which is set by those with power in the group) are banished and shamed. As this continues over time, their beliefs become more and more extreme, often becoming violent or otherwise malicious towards those outside of the group, sometimes even other (albeit less extreme) Christians.

As with all groups of people, an egregore is formed from their shared connections and beliefs. It is no surprise that a group with ugly, hateful beliefs would spawn an ugly, hateful egregore.

The Names found in Mystical Words of Power, and any other book by the Gallery, represent a very different power than one of these such thoughtforms. This magick gives you access to a much older and more pure connection to the Divine. It has not been corrupted over time, but refined.

If you do some light research into these Names, you will discover that they have been found in a variety of cultures. El, for instance, can be found in Mesopotamian, Assyrian, Sumerian, Hebrew, and other texts from the Near East. What is important to keep in mind is that the religious traditions and beliefs of the common people have always been distinct from what is known by those who are able to glimpse into magick. As you do your research (preferably by reading the source texts), do not just take what is on the surface at face value. Understand that the texts are allegorical gateways through which secrets may come forth, if you are open to receiving their wisdom.


Thank you.

There is only one Yahweh. Yahweh is an insidious serpent who is so delusional that he believes he created the Universe and everything in it. I know, because I had a conversation with him. His energy is terrible. He is the vengeful God depicted in the Bible. There is nothing benevolent about Yahweh. He is the God of disconnection. He represents the false self, the human who is disconnected from who they really are. He basically told me that as long as I still have a false self, I still serve him. My upcoming damnation will obviously correct that.

If you’ve heard Azazel tell the story of how things really were regarding the first humans, you’ll understand that Yahweh was created when the first man forgot who he really was, forgot his true source.

Hence the reason I’m avoiding calling angels through his name. Yahweh is angry with me because I broke the covenant. A covenant I had zero say in. His archangels and archons are giving me a hard time because I broke the rules (according to Gabriel who admitted that there was a time he would have led me into slavery to Yahweh and I would have followed blindly). I did break his 10 commandments, multiple times. This is a part of my ascent, made complicated by the fact I was baptised in his name as a baby.

But I love the book I’m referring to, and I’m wondering how to alter the rituals within to exclude Yahweh’s various names. Cohzier suggested I could call these angels via their sigils as long as I didn’t use any of Yahweh’s names…


You may want to consider that a false egregore, a being which relies entirely on the attention and energy of others to survive (while giving them nothing in return), is unlikely to speak the truth. By no means would I consider such a spirit a trustworthy source of information. I am not discrediting your experience, but saying that you may want to consider that this imposter likely has an agenda that is not in-line with your desire for true wisdom.

The names in these sigils have absolutely nothing to do with this egregoric “Yahweh.” They are a way of connecting to the Source of a long-standing and historied magickal tradition. They are unrelated to the fearful and ignorant pitterings of Bible-thumpers.

I am not, however, asking you to take my word for it. I would challenge you, if I may be so presumptuous, to release your previously held opinions and preconceived notions and try the magick as it is written. Observe the quality of the results that you obtain, and observe the connection that you form to the powers in the sigils. If the magick is not to your liking, then you can simply banish and be on your merry way. Alternatively, you may discover a system that suits you quite well.

In any event, I don’t wish to stir up discord for discord’s sake, but to strongly provide my opinion. You are, of course, free to disagree and do what you consider to be right for you. Whatever you choose, I do wish you the best.

(you may notice that a nearly identical post to this could be written about Lucifer to a group of RHPers)


Firstly, I’m not an amateur. I have been doing magick for long enough that I understand these things quite well. I’ve worked with spirits for long enough too to understand how things work.

It isn’t a false egregore or an imposter. Yahweh is a genuine and powerful egregore, period. He was inadvertently created by the first man and grew in power over time due to disconnected humans, and even more so due to Christians when Christianity arose. Yahweh has never been a god in his own right, and was not created by Source. Yahweh has nothing to do with Source in that respect. But according to Azazel, the archangels and those under them chose to serve Yahweh, whilst Azazel, Lucifer, Belial, and others like them chose to serve and assist mankind in their ascent. That’s not the full story but I don’t need to tell the full story to illustrate my point.

All the spirits I work with that I’ve spoken to about this issue tell me it is Yahweh himself and he has been responsible for some of the problems I’ve been having for over a year. It is related to my breaking of his commandments/his rules because I was baptised as a baby. I was very devout in other lives too, but not in this life.

That’s the truth of the matter. It seems you believe Yahweh is the real God and is Source. It’s not, and any being that knows the origins of this Universe and the beginnings of mankind will tell you the same, if they could. But that’s not what my query was about.

Thanks for your input, though. :slight_smile: I know you meant well. I’ll find a way around the issue now that I know the truth about the name.

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I did not mean to suggest that you were an amateur or otherwise inexperienced. I know you’ve been around here for a while, and I respect your opinion.

Allow me to clarify some, if you would. I consider what many here call “Yahweh” to be an imposter spirit because it is fueled largely by the beliefs of modern Christians. When they think God, they think of some male figure which sits on high and does his God thing in heaven while people are punished for eternity in some fiery sex dungeon (still not sure how that qualifies as punishment tbh). Many occultists, on the other hand, use the tetragrammaton, a name sometimes pronounced as EE-AH-OH-EH, to represent the Source in that particular tradition.

The former I believe to be a false egregore because it has no power to cause change, or at least nowhere near the power that true spirits possess. The latter’s power, along with the power of the archangels, on the other hand, I have experienced for myself. (to be fair to your point, I would not say that I served God, as my intentions were still for my own best interests, but I did obey what the angels told me to do, for a brief time, for the purpose of learning)

With that being said, I have a question for you, if you care to answer it. What do you think is the equivalent of the Source in the Western magickal tradition that the angels and demons are a part of? I believe the term “Source” is borrowed from Eastern traditions (Hinduism, perhaps?), and to my knowledge these traditions still have proper names for the source-consciousness being. In Shingon (Japanese esoteric Buddhism), for instance, the source is called Dainichi Nyorai, which translates roughly to the Supreme Buddha of the Cosmos.

Thank you for the discussion, and for being civil with me. I don’t mind a little burn or two being thrown out in argumentative discussions (they can make things much more fun), but once things devolve into a shit-throwing shouting match there’s really no point to it (though for some it makes for better (though I would say cheap) entertainment) (and yeah I totally put a () in a ()).

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Sadly there’s multiple but only one is the “real” one. By this I mean there’s the actual deity then there’s the many thoughtforms of him created by occultists and religious people just as there’s thoughtforms of each of the Gods due to inexperienced occultists.


My opinion: The names all refer to aspects of self as much as they do to a higher source power. The tetragramaton, Ehyeh asher ehyeh, El Shaddai, can refer to your divinity as well. YHVH-Shammah means God who is present. I.e. You.

The sigils all use several divine names from the 72 Letter name. The ones at the end like “Lahv?” That’s a divine name.

All of the Shemhamphorash angels get their names from this. All the Goetics come from this as well mathematically via Kaballah (I’m researching this right now)

So what’s a practitioner to do? Well, names are only aspects of a person. E.A. Koetting is a pen name personality, Aracheleus (or whatever) is his magickcal name. Many magicians will revisit their magickal name as well as the practitioner evolves. I’m in a completely different place than I was when I started so my magickal name should change and reflect it. This is the same with source and other spirits.

Raziel has an aspect known as Arzel who is the easiest angel to contact. Same entity, different “personality” of them. Anyone with a dynamic personality gets how this works. There’s the party you, there’s the professional you, there’s the romantic you, there’s the seductive you, and there’s the 4Chan humor you (if you’re on balg I probably see you on Discord too. You guys know who you are :+1:)

The way I made the abstraction make sense is Yaweh is indeed a god. But not the god, and the names refer to something much higher. Something in Kether that is beyond recognition. Something more than the JCI god. Something that also by nature must exist in you.

I made a journal entry months ago that went through this and I spoke my way to the answer that when you command an entity you are calling them as their god. All you’re doing with these names is appealing to your own power and that name is the universal power we can all use. Hence my approach to magick: As above so below, Namaste bitches


I often wondered this when reading up on the Ahrimanian current. Belial told me I could command in his name and get the same effect. Power move if you think about the cultural implications long term when that gets around.

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Brandt’s stuff is ok. But I find words of power by Michael Kelly far better. everything he write for that matter

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That’s interesting. I love GoM, but haven’t read any of Michael Kelly’s books yet. How would you compare the two Words of Power books to each other? :thinking:

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