{ Mystic Journal } #1

Okay, so , usually I’m not really open about my experiences in this forum ,especially when it comes to spiritual connection, unless I find something worth mentioning.
However, I feel like I should start to be a little more vocal about it, so since I decided to officially keep a journal that will be exclusively for spirit connection, I might as well post it here.

Yesterday I was meditating at night, because that is when I feel most powerful and energized. I had no intention to evoke or invoke anything at all, just relax my mind and work on grounding myself.
I was in a somewhat deep trance state from what I remember and suddenly I saw grey smoke filling the room. I felt a familiar energy and recognized my spirit guide, Morvis, even though she didn’t manifest herself in her usual form. She immediately flooded my mind with messages and pictures of a man that I knew as my mother’s partner. She insisted that we shouldn’t trust him because “he is deceitful although he plays nice”. Then she kinda left me hanging and I didn’t know what to do with that information. So I decided to go to sleep. Today, my mother came from work upset because she found out that he’s been cheating on her.
That’s the first time Morvis has tried to warn me about something that wouldn’t have affected me in any way. I’m thinking that maybe she is actually a deceased family member because that would explain why she also cared about my mother.


Wow thanks for deciding to share Mystic! You have no idea how helpful those journals are for me (and I refuse to believe I’m the only one :joy:)
If you don’t mind me asking…What is Morvis’ usual form?

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Hey there! Long time no see :blush:
I’m really glad you enjoy it already (even though that’s literally my first entry lmao)
And Morvis usually appears as a black winged panther.

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lol there was a temporary problem and my account was on hold. But I sorted it out with Lady Eva :+1:t2:
Also, you changed your pic :slight_smile:

Glad to hear you’re back! And yes, I did change my pic :slight_smile:

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