Mystic grimoire weird coincidence after doing love ritual

Some things though I did not have the magical oil, or the psychic clock, nor did I fast for 12 hours or wait for the correct moon time like it says.

I done a ritual from mystic grimoire to bring me love.

Few hours later a girl who was actually a prostitute who I had managed to fuck for free hit me up randomly.

I fucked this girl months ago. She then accused me of robbing her the next day. I would never do such a thing. In fact I wanted to see her again. After I told her it wasn’t true she didn’t respond back.

Then I do a ritual called “the irresistible bring a lover ritual” which Furlac is involved. Few hours later she hit me up randomly.

It’s so weird because she lost all our messages and just randomly hit me up. She wanted to know who I was and wanted me to remind her. So I did and again she accused me of robbing her to which I said I did not rob her. We then got to the topic of fucking again and she then said yeah but then she never responded back.

This is weird was this because of the ritual or a coincidence.

If if was Furlacs doing then I am confused why Furlac thinks its a good idea to bring me a prostitute and on top of that she ignores me again. So furlac did all that effort for me to get ignored again.

Do you think Furlac did this or was it a coincidence?

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