Mystery behind belt of silence,Bermuda Triangle,Ashely city

what mystery behind story The Disappearance of Ashley Kansas…Is it real ?
and what about belt of silence in desert in Mexicans?
Bermuda Triangle is just magnetic pole in earth ?

Probably a fictional town, it never existed until it was made up for a creepypasta in 2012. You can’t find that town listed historically anywhere. Also the creepypasta was embellished in larpy ways as it gained traction before falling out of style.

This exists in Mapemi, Mexico. Reading te story this sounds like an area that, like Bermuda, has geomagnetic anomalies.

It’s called a magnetic anomaly. It may be a location where one of he poles changes position to during the magnetic reversal. (For scientific references, see the work of Ben Davidson et al.)
Planes going missing here isn’t really a mystery for this reason.

However, if you want to get into the fringe theories about that, it may be a location where underwater alien or black ops military bases exist. For more on that look up X projects discussions by the Dark Journalist on yt.