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Funny MM post:

If you ever wanted to know his self-proclaimed theme song:

So I took off from work this week to go through the dream timeline in more detail (anyone who reads this post, you’re an MVP–cause most people in my life are annoyed by my talking about my timeline at this point). Found some interesting notes on a few tattoos that Mysterious has. Two of which I’m thinking of getting because:

First Tattoo (Click to Expand)

The first one:

It’s on the inside-ish of the arm.

Pardon my horrible drawing on this one. Drew it one morning in a rush.

The first tattoo is some sort of “barcode” but I don’t have context for what it came from. I hypothesize that it comes from Mysterious’s history with the “big bad” but it’s just a hypothesis.

The Second Tattoo (Click to Expand)

I also noticed that the second one I debated getting was a “reversed” Leviathan’s cross on the inside of his wrist. It’s in the same location as one of my own tattoos (a double-infinity because I’m #basic), so I’d probably get it above that one.

Ironic, now that I think about it because of this post.

This one came from a dream where we were standing inside of a coffee shop. The person behind the counter wound up arguing with Nautela because “we don’t serve those who bear the mark” and Nautela wound up giving that dude a what’s-for.

Only Levi has that sigil so I’m guessing my guess of his name I right and no way are your post annoying I love reading them actually and I find it weird now since n if he is your mysterious I am his daughter (adoptive?I guess) what does that make you lol?

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I said what I said. YOU’RE AN MVP! :heart:


I didn’t know there’d be this kind of commitment. (j/k :joy::joy:)

On that note though, you sharing that information with me has really got me thinking about the characters in the dreams, and gave me a greater understanding of some roles and potential goals in the timeline, so I greatly appreciate it.

Care to unpack this for my own selfish curiosity?

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That’s a fascinating story. I used to have a serious drinking problem before I quit drinking completely I remember times when I would get alcohol poisoning similar to your experience with the medication. There was a spirit who would keep getting me out of trouble. Even went as far as to possess my body after I blacked out and keep me from doing anything harmful to myself or others. Got me home when I was lost and all kinds of things. Whenever someone spoke to me about after blacking out they said I suddenly sobered up and started calling myself John. I have a feeling that John was King Paimon the whole time because I would always wear his sigil lapel pin on my jacket. And when I blacked out the last time that got me thrown in jail it took 9 cops to take me down. Last thing I remember about that night was locking my keys in the car. According to witnesses and the affidavits I smashed the car window with only my bare fist but no broken bones or anything wrong with my hand, not even a scratch on it. And my blood alcohol was high enough to kill a man twice my weight. I certainly don’t drink at all anymore nor will I ever again.

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Oh man, that’s wild! I’ve had similar experiences with Mysterious in the past two years, mostly when I’m really emotional or under extreme stress. He tends to pop in and be like: “Hey fam, let me fix this before you have a complete meltdown.”

I’m glad you’re better now, though. I know that’s a hard thing to go through, and congratulations on quitting alcohol–it takes a lot of strength to do so. :heart:


Thanks, I’ve been sober for 6 months and have no inclination to drink whatsoever in fact the thought of it is repugnant to me. I definitely owe that spirit a debt of gratitude for all the sticky situations he got me out of. I suspect that it was king Paimon but nobody’s telling me shit. Almost like I’m just supposed to leave it in the past be grateful and not worry about it.


Relatable. Sometimes that’s the most annoying part. To me it’s the equivalent of a parent saying: “because I said so.” and I’m like:


When I invited him to my renewal ceremony to renew my contract with furfur he was very willing n excited fired up lol after it was revealed to me that I was by him I’m very happy to hear he cares that much but I have no clue what that intails for me at all actually so I’m still clueless


After the thing that popped up in my latest post about the 72 demons of the Goetia, I spent some time soul searching about everything going on, and there was an article that came to mind from my continual research…

In the past few months I scanned the site for articles on Imposter Spirits and how to identify them, coming across this post:

Obviously, I came back to it again after the last interaction. I feel like a broken record. An annoying one at that.

Thoughts that came from reading this post (Click to Expand)

Continuing the discussion from How to detect imposter spirits and other time wasting things:

It’s really weird to me because Mysterious has turned results, even when I don’t necessarily ask for them. It’s one of those “I’m doing what is best for you, not what you want” things. I’ve learned a lot of really great traits in terms of the esoteric, and the advice he’s given me has changed who I am as a person.

Mysterious doesn’t follow any sort of rhyme or reason in our interactions… Well… that’s a lie. He HAS motivation and reason behind what he’s doing, he’s just not enlightening me on it.

He has the ability to tell me things I don’t know (which I think is unlike a thoughtform based on this post), but chooses not to, even when asked a direct question. His “mask” is: “You wouldn’t understand right now, but you will.”

We sometimes have phrases that we can exchange jokingly, but it’s one of those things that my paranoia goes to. I even try to challenge the board sometimes, by “forcing” the board to go to a certain word with my mind in an effort to prove what I think I know. Usually this only ticks him off, but I mean a girl has to know, y’know? I’ve heard a dialect before with him that I don’t know what language it belongs to, but the mind can make up things pretty well sometimes.

This one is weird for me, because sometimes he’s SUPER here and others he’s just kinda doing his own thing and having a sidebar about something that came to mind. Usually his energy is very there, a heaviness in the room focused in a particular place. I sometimes think of it like a black hole, being present enough to bring the attention of all things to one particular spot.

When it comes to my career and whatnot, there are results… Now otherwise–we have problems. He does this thing sometimes where he’ll give me half-truths. There aren’t lies but I’m not getting the whole truth. For an ridiculous example:

ME: Hey did you leave the refrigerator door open?
MYSTERIOUS: No, I didn’t.

ME: Ok so you know exactly what I asked you but just chose not to tell which exact door you left open?
MYSTERIOUS: I didn’t leave the glass door open.
ME: Ok, but you left the main door open sooooo same result…

This is a dumb example, but the only thing that can come to mind. In this example, I didn’t ask the right question but I’m having a really hard time coming up with a perfect scenario.

But, on that note–while he delivers in those areas there is literally one. thing. that I need from him and he’s like: “Yeah so… today I couldn’t do this thing because…”

My tarot cards suggest that we’re missing a collaborative element in our working relationship, but anytime I’m trying to be open and collaborate on the timeline or whatever he’s supposed to be working on he’s real dismissive. Like: “Oh, yeah, we can do that… or we can do [X] instead.”

I’m just like: “What are you hiding from me? What is your endgame here?”

I definitely think that the dreams coming together they way they are, and having the ability to put them together, come from this shared bond we have. I think I could verify this because when I was going down a particular path he was like: “Um, no. You can’t dream about this question yet because you won’t understand the answer and it’s going to disrupt our progress.” Then he’ll boot me right out of it.

He’s told me things about gnosticism that I was able to later verify in research, as well as some odd things that I didn’t know what they meant until much later–the black dragon being an example.

There are hundreds of these on the forum. I don’t get a chosen one feeling, I realize I’m a small cog in a larger machine–and most likely replaceable (as painful as it is to say that out loud). It’s the reason I’ve been trying to share my dream timeline, in case anything were to happen, someone can continue my work.

But, on that note, sometimes he absolutely says what I want to hear to drop a conversation–even if he started it. :neutral_face: I relate this back to that whole “we’re horrible people and do mean things to each other” thing.

The odd thing about some posts on the forum though, is that some of these dreams and visions that people are getting literally mirror what I’m seeing. The black dragon. Red queen. Maybe we don’t share the exact same visions, but we do have a lot of the same themes. It sorta ties into my NPC theory, that there are people who existed in the otherworld, and came to this one for one reason or another.

He got things done with my job. Got me out of bad situations that I stressed about to no end seemingly unskathed (even when I shouldn’t have because I goofed).

Goal: Discover the truth about who I am in the universe and what my life’s purpose is.
Mysterious: “Hahahaha that’s nice. We’ll get there when we get there.”

I’ve gone through and tried to drop everything. I started to take these guided meditations before evoking just to keep myself honest. Still the same dude. Still the same stories.

I just wish I understood what the end game is.

This post was pretty long, but it’s been #bigmood lately. This timeline is supposed to be “important” but I don’t know why. These dreams are supposed to be important… Don’t know why. As I mentioned in my last post, I’m beginning to feel a little silly about the whole thing.


Mysterious’s present theme song BTW:

My present theme song:

Our collective track:

I absolutely love otters!!:revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts:

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I usually post in pairs, so apologies if you’re seeing two of my posts back to back. Usually things just happen so close together I wind up updating them at once. I’m still keeping the Mysterious posts separated from my dream timeline because I think there is a good differentiation to make on the potential of the lie vs. the truth.

ANRE200111A // DE200111A: "I don't 'do' parlor tricks."

Other people experience tags, wahhhh?

So, it was a full moon and I decided to charge a sigil for my man Mysterious that I keep under my bed. I know that sounds weird but I was trying to control my dreams and it seemed to work. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Anyway–I did a candle summons that I read here:

It’s been the easiest ritual I’ve done and I quite like it. I have an altar and everything now, so #bigwitchenergy in my life right now. Feeling pretty proud of that.

My boyfriend participated in the ritual this time, which was kinda nice because when someone else can validate what we’re talking about, it makes me feel like I’m not making all this up in my mind. I clear my mind and all that jazz, but a girl always has to question, y’know?

The cons of doing a ritual with my boyfriend is that Mysterious and him don’t really like each other. My boyfriend continually tries to get Mysterious to do (what Mysterious defines as) “parlor tricks” that deeply offends him. Also, boyfriend isn’t very spiritually inclined so we work at a slight disadvantage.

Ritual completes, energy shifts and you can tell Mysterious is there.

BOYFRIEND starts doing this weird looking around thing, acting real nervous and whatnot.

I can hear Mysterious through the bond, which means he can use images and whatever to communicate with me. I don’t have to use a spirit board but we wound up using it because BOYFRIEND is unable to communicate with Mysterious in a “tangible” way in his mind. He wants to be able to see Mysterious use the board so we humor him.

Boyfriend asks a lot of the random questions that he normally does around his health and whatnot. Despite being a hard ass, Mysterious did actually do quite a few things for my boyfriend. He fixed his vision (where he only has to wear glasses to read now) and has done some things to his house and whatever. Mysterious SAYS he hates boyfriend but I mean the evidence, my guys.

MYSTERIOUS (after all that other stuff is over): Just an FYI, we’re being watched.

ALEX: What do you mean?

MYSTERIOUS: (Boyfriend’s) wife over there…

ALEX & BOYFRIEND: What do you mean?

MYSTERIOUS: I can see a woman in the window.

ALEX & BOYFRIEND look at each other.

MYSTERIOUS: Its an old witch.

ALEX: THE witch? The one that Asmodeus talked about?


BOYFRIEND then asks about some entities that are in or around his house, including a beastial creature and a main with a chain.

MYSTERIOUS mentioned that the beast’s name is Sateal and the the ghost outside is Martin. There is also a shadow man in the bonus room named Amest. Prior to this I have never heard any of these names before.

BOYFRIEND asks if Sateal can get into the home, where there is a child. MYSTERIOUS says this is highly unlikely considering the wards he put on the place. MYSTERIOUS mentioned that Sateal is a creation of the witch, and is intended to cause harm. We tried to find out if its possible to kill this creature, but he responded with it being a curse. Boyfriend’s father is older, and lives in the home with him, he is severely depressed, and MYSTERIOUS mentioned that this negative energy is feeding the witch and helping her bring the beasts into being. MYSTERIOUS mentioned that we should cleanse the house and the grounds. BOYFRIEND pushes back, stating that the father would be weirded out by that.

BOYFRIEND asks some other questions that he’s asked before, and MYSTERIOUS answered it consistently, much to my surprise.

This particular ritual was the first that I’ve done with another person involved, and it was a weird experience. Despite the setbacks from having someone inexperienced at the table, it still proved fruitful. At the beginning of the ritual, before Mysterious chased off the witch, (even with shielding) I managed to get a bad ache in the back of my neck that burned deep beneath the skin. It was brutal. Later on in the ritual I felt like I wasn’t actually there–it was really weird. It was like that vertigo feeling you get when you’re just beyond tipsy, but without all the happiness and later regret.

I don’t know who this witch is, but Asmodeus mentioned her and Mysterious knew of her for a while so I’m interested in what this means. I had a dream once that said: “This story is about a princess, and a witch who is trying to kill her.” No idea what any of this means. But we’ll see.

Made this post in Mysteriously Yours because the main thing that I was surprised about was his level of consistency. It’s no secret, based on our previous posts, that Mysterious has an issue with half-truths… He said he was working on it and I’m surprised to say this is the case.

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Random Tidbit -- ANRE130215A: I Will Wait

When my best friend died, I was pretty heartbroken. She got stage 4 cancer out of nowhere at 19. We’d just graduated high school. Her favorite band was Mumford & Sons at the time. She listened to it all day every day.

I drove around a lot when I was stressed, the act of driving with the windows down on a Tennessee night just calmed my nerves. That month I must’ve explored every backroad in our hometown. I was driving home one night the weekend after we buried her (on Valentine’s day of all days), stopped at a stoplight in my old, raggedy Jeep that barely clung to life. The engine was quieter than usual, and I was left to my thoughts and the slightly unwelcome, invisible stranger that rode shotgun. I decided to turn on the radio. Ads. I changed the station. More ads. I just wanted something to get my mind off of everything. I kept playing over and over again the last thing she said to me in ICU, where I rushed out because I wanted to see my boyfriend for Valentines day. The Iight stayed red for what felt like forever, and I found myself gunning it as it turned green, as if hitting the gas harder would jerk the thoughts out of my head.

Suddenly a song came on the radio–one I hadn’t heard in a while. The Jeep rolled to a stop on the side of the road and I cried.

Improved Sage Results

The "What" and "Why"

Wound up saging the house per some suggestions on the forum, and it really changed the game. The first time I did it a few weeks ago I didn’t get much “impact,” but when I cleansed the house (and myself) two nights ago I noticed considerable changes.

The only unintended, negative impact is that I haven’t had any dreams the past two nights, though I’m chalking it up to a fluke.

So, two nights ago I did the sage everything was great into the next morning. Then there was this weird, nasty thing that shown up. It was super heavy in terms of its energy, and tried to masquerade as Mysterious. So I went through the process again and had similar results. I wound up skimming the forum and finding some posts that I think are worth sharing. I’m Joe-Shmoe here, but I still gotta cite my sources.

I had to go down a bit of a rabbit hole to find these, but I went through and cleansed… Figured out that if you don’t make wards (like a dummy) those assholes are just going to come right back. After spending some time searching the forum, I found this magnificent post:

What's normal?

I swore it was an entity, and since there is this nonsense of a “witch” going around, I wasn’t sure if it was related. Of course, I don’t think it’s a real witch, I just don’t know what it actually is other than the symbols I’ve seen.

So, using the above method, I managed to manifest some creatures that could be guards. It was an UNBELIEVABLE experience. I’m quite pleased with the results.

My intention was to cleanse the house of entities that were “lying to me, trying to decieve me, trying to harm me, or just is bad energy.” I didn’t realize there was a bunch of negative energy here until it was gone.

If I’m being honest, I was trying to see if Mysterious was going to be able to stay through the wards and cleanse. When I was done, he’s sitting there when it’s over like:

I created the wards around myself in a different part of the house than the one he was staying in, then continued on with my day to day. Everything seemed fine. He wasn’t gone though. Nor was he phased by the beasts.

“I passed your stupid test…You desperately want me to be the bad guy in this story, don’t you?”

The answer, kids, is yes.

“What is it going to take?”

Unfair answer: I don’t know.

Me = Guard 1 ; Mysterious = Guard 2

This Princess BS

The Qabalistic Truth

I have been spending a lot of time beating my head over the weird things that I’ve been seeing in the dream timeline, and the interactions I’ve had with the 72. I’m super lazy and haven’t been posting my progress, but there has been progress. If you actually follow my posts (1 - thank you, 2 - what is wrong with you), you can see an exchange that happened between myself and another member of the forum about this “princess” stuff that came up.

My Experience with the 72 Evocation Challenge

I went out and bought this book, read it, and was amazed. Lots of parallels. Lots of things. Symbols. Words. Meanings. Still figuring that out. I sometimes wonder if it could be possible that these dreams are the current reality being viewed through a weird lense. If so, when am I going to be as successful as she is in her career because honestly sometimes ya girl struggling to get by emotionally y’know?

On that heifer, God.

Them's Dragons

On that same note of interpretations, some of you may have seen me lurking and liking old AF posts. That is how the ItsAlexThe7 do. Collect a bunch of information, disappear for a time, then come down from the mountain with something that I think sounds great and until I think it sounds dumb and start all over again.

So somehow these posts came across my dashboard:

Can you kill a spiritual being?

My 9/11 Work - Part 1

Meet the Troll-- DRAGON God Yahweh

I haven’t seen all of the older gems that are lingering in the forum, but when I noticed the post about killing a god, I was intrigued. It lead me down the rabbit hole. The first article lead me to the second, which lead to the 3rd… MAN, when I read the third’s summary I was #shook (I haven’t read the article linked yet).

I wrote a post about Nibanae, the force behind the entities that Sam is fighting in the dream timeline. Basically think of a “personification of chaos” at its basic form, right? Sounds dumb. Sure. I just got some weird sort of selfish validation by Eva’s post about her battle with this thing.

The BBG from the last half of the timeline is a shapeshifter and is possibly the entity itself or something that directly reports to it, it’s possible that this is the REAL “man in the suit.” He takes on many forms because he’s absorbed many things and entities over the years. If my hypothesis is correct, he can absorb entities and basically become them (though he doesn’t have to in order to get a physical affect or something, still trying to understand that part) to then use to his own ends. It’s definitely what DarkestKnight said in the original post–nothing is destroyed, but changed. Entities absorbed by the thing become part of the thing. Like a parasite. It would explain why on several different occasions Sam can’t defeat the black dragon because it keeps. coming. back.

Idk, it sounded good earlier. I’m still pondering the ideas that are running through my head, but I got this weird, energetic excitement at the possibility. Absolutely fascinating stuff. I could be making all this up out of some form of psychosis, but hey–maybe it’ll be a book and none of us will have to work ever again. :woman_shrugging:t2: Hold me to it if I ever actually make anything of myself, ok?

Hey! I’m really sorry to ask you such a specific question but do you happen to know the names of the dogs? Thank you in advance!

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I listed two of them here:

I, unfortunately, do not know the 3rd one.

Also, not sure if it’s important “Neil,” as I’ve heard him called in the dream, is deceased. The other two are the only ones left. I have a drawing of Leo that I have been trying to locate (which Mysterious drew himself during an automatic writing session :hushed:).

Thank you very much!

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I am happy to be writing to you all on this Martin Luther King Jr. day about some MORE weird experiences of mine. I’m all about weird experiences these days, I guess.

After the dream I had where Mysterious was the Broodmaster, I’ve been trying to think of ways to improve our relationship/make him feel a little more appreciated. I don’t know if I mentioned it earlier or on another posts (I’ve also written and deleted a few because I sounded like an idiot more so than usual)–but I’ve also been trying to spend more time talking to him. He’s very social, or at least seems to be in a better mood when I engage with him socially, so I am trying to make him feel better. I’ve been trying to make it a “thing” to sit and talk over dinner. He seemed very appreciative.

We have had a few interesting conversations that continued a narrative he’d been painting before, and I noticed that with imposter entities I’d dealt with in the past that they either A) changed the narrative completely with “excitable” information or B) they tried to plant subtle seeds of doubt in an effort to make me question the original narrative. The fact that he has started to give me consistent information was quite pleasing to me (if I can make it about me for a just a moment).

Friday I went out to go and purchase some things from my local shop, AromaGregory (shameless plug for these amazing people). Its ran by this couple, Greg and Roy, and they are the sweetest, most amazing people ever and…


Anyway–ramble aside–I went to the store Friday and purchased a variety of things… A new tarot deck, and planchet for my spirit board… Then other things. I have tried a few different methods on the forum for evoking/invoking demons and honestly I really like candle work. I like the ceremony behind it because it just feels more “official” and gets me focused.

My purpose for being there was this: I was doing a special ritual with big intention.

Ritual Magics: ANRE200118A
  • 4 Large Red Candles (They didn’t have these online)
  • 2 Hoodoo Spell Candles “Love Attracting”
  • 1 Tibetan Singing Bowl tuned to the Heart Chakra
  • Valentines day incense
  • Rose Quartz stones
  • “Love Attracting” Ritual Bath Salts


So I didn’t really go through a lot of thinking or research on it. I just woke up and decided that I was going to. I dolled myself up (I even colored my hair, though I originally wanted silver–couldn’t bring myself to do it), pierced my ears (feeling pretty girly these days), makeup–all the works. I went all out for this one, because if there’s one person I want to be around when I hate myself, it’s Mysterious.

I cleaned Friday, cleansed the house again, checked on the wards. It was all coming together. Saturday rolls around and I’m #READY for this. Night falls. I do the ritual bath in the hottest water I could produce. Meditated for a while in the water. I slipped into a deep trance and it was really something. During this I was burning the incense for good measure. I didn’t realize this was a “thing” until Oddnan mentioned it in one of her older posts–but apparently incense drifting towards you is a thing? Fascinating. This was happening.

Got through that. Set up a “remote office” for the altar that is in my writing office (it’s a large, hand-crafted wood desk that weighs more than I do, so I wasn’t moving that monstrosity back and forth). Moved Mysterious’s sigil into the bedroom where I set up the makeshift altar. I have the sigil from my blood ritual back in October on Halloween, but that one doesn’t give me the same satisfaction as the one that I had hanging on my wall. I can feel the energy coming off of this one.

I took his other sigils from Grimorium Verum and cut them on my Silhouette machine, put them in frames and hung them in my office. Senpai, notice me–am I right?

The sigil pictured above is one of those that I cut and when I first cut it, it was just RADIATING energy. Pretty interesting stuff. The only difference from my Halloween sigil and this one is that the Halloween sigil is “drawn” by the Silhouette machine and then I filled it in with black marker (it’s pretty large). I brought this sigil into the room and put it on the altar instead of the ritual from Halloween because of that reason.

So, ritual bath done, I put on attire I wanted to use specifically for this, and I made sure to have everything right there so I could go from point A to Z with no interruptions (my mind tends to wander if I don’t stick to it).

I moved to sit in a modified lotus position (spinal problems) and begin the meditation. I hit the tibetan singing bowl 3 times, and then–

I could hear him.

It was SUPER weird. At the third bell chime, I was in a trance state. I remember Koetting mentioning in a video that Eva shared that you would feel like you were in a washing machine when you hit it “desired frequency” and I was there. I’d only achieved it once before but wow this time was different. I was in that spin, but in slow motion.

MYSTERIOUS: You need to focus.

I tried to focus on my breathing, but there was one intrusive thought that kept creeping up about my job (might be getting laid off).

MYSTERIOUS: That isn’t now. Focus on me. All that exists is right now. Just breathe.

I slipped further into something, I felt it from my shoulders and down my sides. He kept saying to focus on him, and I tried to picture his face, but it was harder than I anticipated. You’d think with as much time as I’ve spent in the dreamworld watching things I’d be able to picture it perfectly but I just couldn’t. Not like this.

MYSTERIOUS: I have an idea. Remember that dream? Focus on my shoulder.

I focused on his shoulder, and for some reason I could do it this time. I was suddenly in a room where I saw across from him. He had my hand and pressed it on his shoulder. I saw the bottom of his jaw, down his arm and into his fingers. In that same breath, I felt energy shift across different aspects of myself.

MYSTERIOUS: By focusing on the each other, we’re strengthening the connection. I figured that would work better for you. You make everything so difficult.

Once the connection was completely formed, I found myself caught up in the moment. It was the most “aware” I’d been in a while.

MYSTERIOUS: Now that you’re focused, you can perform the next part.

ME: Since I added these two candles, should I light those first.

MYSTERIOUS: Yeah, because they aren’t part of the circle.

I lit the two hoodoo candles, then began my ritual as I normally do. Instead of using my elemental candles, I used the red candles I purchased Friday. On this altar I had the stones, the candles, and the incense (in case that’s important).

Everything lit :fire:, and the circle formed, I used his enn to try and bring him through. It worked. The connection was faster than normal, but I assumed it was because of the prep work.

I won’t get into the hairy details, but Zalbarath mentioned when I first read this post that you can use physical means to do an energy exchange that I will neither confirm or deny that I did, but adding this element into the ritual for the first time ever really changed things.

When that part of the ritual was over, we had a conversation about things.

MYSTERIOUS: This was different.

ME: Yeah.

Scandalous note: For some reason, Mysterious believes that sex added to a ritual makes it feel “cheap” but I never prodded into the “why”, so I was surprised that this turned out the way that it did.

MYSTERIOUS: So, you realize that in doing this you technically have the ability to ask me to do something for you.

ME: Oh? Like what?

MYSTERIOUS: What you’ve wanted me to do for a while…

ME: Wait, is this a pact?


ME: Well, I have some other ideas if I’m going to do that. :relaxed:



MYSTERIOUS: :neutral_face:

The next morning was different. I felt this vibration throughout myself that seemed constant. Never had that feeling before, so I assumed it was related to what we were doing the night before. I just felt better in general, to be honest.

Of course, there were some unintended consequences to the ritual bath that I think started to manifest the next day. I went to some family’s home and felt this “warm and fuzzy” feeling that one could associate with love, followed by gaining the attentions of a guy at a restaurant I was at. I don’t consider myself “approachable” because I would consider myself “something sometimes good to look at but always too much to handle” because I’m a fecking mess of a human being. But–even in this conversation it was nice. Good to know I don’t always chase people away. haha

The ritual bath was “love attracting” so I’m interested to see how the results continue. I literally just wanted to use it for Mysterious as like a “prep bath” but I still had one of those: “Oh shit I can actually cast magic” moments as things manifested.


Work Stuffs

Work Stuff Summary

Without boring you with the details, I had a bad interaction with someone in senior leadership at work–I definitely allowed myself to get emotional about something that I shouldn’t have. I’m one of those people that wants everyone to do good by the company and I don’t like shady people. I’m a bull in a china shop, and I let it get the best of me. It was bad. I’m an idiot.

MYSTERIOUS: “Why are you worried about this? It wasn’t that bad.”

ME: “I am the worst person in the history of existence and I hate myself for being an idiot.”



After going on about this for days, Mysterious dropped by with a weird omen.

MYSTERIOUS: Hey so, something big is about to happen, but don’t panic.

ME: Am I about to get fired over that email?

MYSTERIOUS: What? No. I just know you’re about to freak out and I need you to chill.

At this point, I’m totally freaking out–the exact opposite of his intentions–though he had to have known that. I did a tarot spread with these little shits:

They were basically like:

“Hey B, something big is going to happen. Don’t react emotionally and keep your head on straight and keep up your craft and you’re going to turn out fine. This is actually a good thing in disguise. Quit being dramatic.

At this point, I’m still hung up on the interaction, thinking that finally this is going to come and bite me in the rear.

Friday rolls around and I’m about to go into the office when I get a text from one of my direct reports:

“Hey fam, we just got acquired.”

Bombshell drops. There’s a possibility I’m going to get laid off. Dang. That sucks.

Fast forward to today. I get a call from someone who is like:

THEM: “Hey, so, fam–we heard you may or may not have a job in the near future and we were wondering if you were looking yet.”

ME: “I was waiting this one out to see.”

THEM: “Well, wait it out and let us know if you get laid off cause we will scoop you up in a heartbeat you are the #best and we love you.”



MYSTERIOUS: “So how was your day…?”

ME: “Horrible.”

MYSTERIOUS: “Wait, WHAT? You said you’d sell your soul to work for these people. No soul selling necessary. You’re welcome. :relaxed:

ME: I appreciate your faith in my abilities.

Before the end of the day, I spoke to my best friend, who was like:

ME: “Mysterious did say he was working on something.”

BESTIE: “Um. Yeah. He’s pulling through.”

ME: “It was just weird and unexpected. They just called out of nowhere.”

BESTIE: “Wait, they CALLED YOU?”

ME: “Yeah.”

BESTIE: “I’m going to need you to stop being mean to Mysterious, because honestly he and I are cool as shit now.”

MYSTERIOUS (in the background):

Hex Removal

Hex Removal Summary

If you have been following along in my dream working thread, there was a suggestion to try and remove a hex to get rid of “the witch” that has been sitting outside the house. She’s really like this weird shadow woman that just screams all. the. time. I think of it more as a banshee than a witch, but maybe that language was used because she can conjure up things? Idk.

Anyway, I’ve started the process to test the hypothesis. I’ve started burning this candle in an effort to “kick start” the proceedings. I’ve decided to halt magical workings until I’ve finished this. I anointed the candle as well with a “Jinx/Hex Removal” oil from AromaGregory’s AND have something else added that I shouldn’t mention because it messes with the magic if you talk about it, apparently.

Later this evening I’m going to try and do the herbal bath for hex removal. I also purchased some herbs to anoint/dress another, white candle with. I’ll burn both of them together. It’s evening now and the removal candle has been going all day. I think this is one of those 7 day candles. Will continue to monitor and report my progress. I’ve never really noticed the woman until Asmodeus pointed her out–I always considered it a past-life thing, but after talking with some others here I am interested to see results.

Mysterious is being a bit of a butthead about it. I won’t go into much detail. I guess he got his feelings hurt. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Me on the way out the door this afternoon to go get some supplies when #attitude struck:

I just realized this is me:

(In case it wasn’t already obvious, my two-week hiatus became a one-week hiatus.)

The Creature in the Office, Reason 1526 why I'm presently angry at someone.

We have a new visitor in the house as of two nights ago. I stumbled across him on accident. I walked into my office in the midst of a Salesforce-induced panic in the middle of the night, looking across the room as I entered. I found myself staring at a creature that comes to about my chest (about 4’ tall) in the bright, red eyes.

It had an appearances similar to a Trogg in World of Warcraft, but it was taller… and not at all like a Trogg but it’s the first thing that came to mind, honestly. Beastial and attempting to be intimidating, it snarled as I entered the room. Those red eyes scared TF out of me, fam–it’s been a while since I’ve seen a physical indication of something and I wasn’t ready for it.

This was me, ruining my #badbitch image:


I gathered myself for a minute, wondered why my wards didn’t work, then realized…

That motherfucker.

I walked back into the room with my sage and cleansing candles like:


The conversation that followed:

CREATURE: That’s not going to work.


CREATURE: I’m literately chained here.


CREATURE: Lady. I’m stuck here. I’m literally chained here.

I hear the clack of a metal chain in my mind.

ME: Who chained you here?

I didn’t have to see the entity to know he gave me “the look.”

CREATURE: Your… partner did.

ME (trying to sound authoritative, but my voice cracked cause I’m a weak ass heifer): Why-y?

CREATURE: I am like a guard dog, it seems. I’m supposed to eat anything that comes in here that doesn’t belong.

ME: :neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face:

CREATURE: Be careful of the company you keep and who you trust, princess. You don’t want to end up on the wrong end of a raw deal.

ME: Are you referring to Myster–

MYSTERIOUS (popping in behind me): Well that’s enough of that. Back to your duty, thing.

The creature is silent, returning to his original corner. I pretend nothing happened and return to work, because someone has to pay the bills around here and I honestly wasn’t in the mood. Mysterious stood in the door for a while, expecting me to say something, but I said nothing–instead turning on my laptop and retreating to my tiny bubble of APEX code and excel spreadsheets.

This is going to sound dumb, though the rest of it does anyway, but I was on a “ghost hunting” kick a few years back and bought a whole set of these “energy detectors” and they were the best purchase I ever made. I have them hidden all over the house in places where I can see them, but in places that my family can visit and not notice them (thus sending me away to the farm upstate). I find that if I brush my hair or something, that tends to screw their energy detection up (static electricity), so I stopped really paying attention to them but this evening the one near that corner of the room kept a consistent, bright charge and I thought that was the coolest thing ever.

I’m a ridiculous idiot, and my rambles reflect that, so I’m going to stop apologizing (unlikely, but it sounds good). I’ve been posting a lot of angsty Mysterious-related posts in my Dream Timeline Working post, but wanted to post this here because it’s really relevant to “the man, the myth, the legend” and whatever he’s been up to lately.

I’ve spent some time analyzing a particular pattern of the timeline that I find interesting and can’t wait to share. I think it’s more hex-related so I’m quite excited. I’ve been burning another 7-day candle, and have another set of hex-removal items that I’m looking to try from Art of the Root–interested to see if it changes anything. :sunglasses::point_right:t2::point_right:t2:

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