Mysteriously Yours

It’s really ironic because usually I’m super confident but when it comes to this stuff I get weirdly nervous.

I’ve come to not believe in coincidence. Many synchronicities have occured around me and others in this forum. Mr. Mysterious is not unique in that regard. You can hear the very world speak if you have ears to hear.

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Wait, so you know who he is?

But yeah, I feel you.

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Exactly. I feel like, through reading all these posts on the forum, I may be able to discover some things I haven’t thought of before. It may even enlighten me on some of these weird dreams I’ve been having all these years. After all of these “coincidences” I’m like: “I can live in blissful ignorance or open my eyes to the world around me” and honestly even if it is all coincidences, it makes life so much more interesting.

I really wish you the best though, whatever happens with him. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, he’s “told” me. Allegedly he’s “Lucifer” but you can imagine my skepticism. I have some dreams that may indicate this is to be true, but why would someone like that spend Saturdays on my couch telling me that I should break up with my boyfriend and then terrorize my youngest dachshund around the house, y’know?

In the past, I’ve also been told that by plenty-a-demon in an effort to scare me/get some sort of power over me. So I keep a healthy level of skepticism. I’m like: “I probably got like his accountant, gynecologist, or something.”

It’s also really casual compared to other things I’ve read, and a bunch of people say “Oh you can’t talk to the REAL Lucifer, he’s far too busy for that.” So I’m just over here staring at Mysterious like: :eyes: :eyes: Or, on the flip, before I finally joined this forum, I read a article after article on different blogs about how they have these wild flings and intense romantic relationships and I’m like: “Yeah, he likes to come to my house, smack around Mr. Charles (the dog in question), then chill for a few hours before moving onto the next thing.” It sounds odd. :sweat_smile:

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Random question, do spirits have those sort of powers? We definitely have an extensive history from the past (according to what I’ve seen about my past life). That’s why I definitely don’t rule it out.

Him: “I’m Lucifer.”



That’s just a human way of thinking, but spirits follow other laws.

Before I found out more about “my” spirit, I thought I was either cursed or I’m a loser, cause I never managed to get a relationship going. Either I turned the guy down cause he wasn’t perfect enough, or they suddenly turned me down for ridiculous reasons, or they lost their minds. More than one…
Turns out it wasn’t me!
Sooo, im telling you:you’re not crazy!

And yes I think you most likely have a connection thats way older than this life.


Thanks for making me not feel stupid. You are the real MVP. :heart: Haha

I was cringing as I was writing it like: “Oh I’m going to look like a moron.” Glad to know it’s not THAT bad.

You know that for them it doesn’t work that way, right? I mean, “time” for Demons, Kings, Angels etc works in a VERY different way.
I don’t see why it’s not Lucifer.

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They sure do. I believe they have the power to travel through dimensions and “bond” with someone’s soul through many lifetimes.
Lady Savannah from the Black Witch Coven has addressed this topic many times. She once said “for those of us who have been working with them through many lifetimes…” So I really think this is possible.
And Lucifer is “too busy”? Ya kidding? Those guys can be in multiple places at the same time. They even have familiars. Wow. What a human way of thinking. :laughing:
I have been planning to get in contact with Lucifer in the near future. He is a cool guy.

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Yes it is.


Ok I’ve been stalking you a bit, forgive me.
Your dreams about your past life, and knowing stuff before it happens: it’s real, you’re not crazy, don’t worry.

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You are also a real MVP. Thanks for the reassurance. :heart:

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All MVP’s on the chat, as you too are a real MVP. :heart:

My exposure to the online community has been a long, sporadic one. I can definitely say my experience here has ALREADY been way better than it’s been anywhere else. haha

It really is a human way of thinking. It’s great to get the opposition.

Yeah I will have to agree with @Helena .
I also have intuition for some things. Mostly about deaths and accidents though which is…sad. Two years ago my best friend’s mother was in the hospital. One night I dreamt of her lying on the hospital bed unconscious. Suddenly she spasmed and threw up. The next morning my friend called and told me her mother woke up, puked and almost immediately died… But hey… at least you know you are not crazy…

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Thanks, this has been a real journey these past few years. I’m positioning the dreams as a fiction novel so that in the even I were crazy it would be “aw well it’s just a book guys :sunglasses::point_right::point_right:

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Wow. I’m sorry. :frowning:

Death is really hard to deal with. My heart goes out to you.

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Well, I really loved her and it still hurts. But then I feel grateful I still have my mother by my side cause I imagine what my friend must have felt…

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