Mysteriously Yours

“Now, this is a story all about how my life got flipped-turned upside down…”

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Let’s go on a journey for a moment back in time. I want to talk for a moment about my man “Mr. Mysterious.” My goal of this post is to talk about, briefly, some of my experiences with Mysterious, and hopefully that will help in identifying him. I like to keep my assumptions open, as there are always people out there that know more about this stuff than I do. That said, I have a strong suspicion that I know who this person is, BUT he’s lied to me before so…

(Unfortunately, I’m not really sure how I can summarize this in a TL:DR, as I’ve tried to cut this to only the important details already.)

Anyway, 2009, I tried to kill myself because I was being bullied by a teacher in high school. I have an actual count of the number of medications that I took. Ridiculously high and probably going into liver failure hours later on my bathroom floor, I heard someone enter the room. I could only stare at the ceiling, catatonic. A shadow of a man leaned over me, I couldn’t make out any details, but I remember his voice: “Well, not sure what you’re doing. You haven’t completed your purpose yet.” He then catches some light sphere that is floating away and shove that mf back down on my chest. I’m jerked from the floor my head carefully placed at the edge of my resting place for the next 12 hours as I tried to not die from vomiting.

It was after this that the dreams came with great frequency. The dreams were seemingly “more real than real”, to sound cliche.

2010, months after this happened, I tell my best friend “Mal” about this event, as well as the number of dreams I had before and after seeing this man. She said we should try an ouija board. We did. The man introduced himself as “John,” and his energy was-- unbelievable. Early on, he wasn’t always around, and we’d catch other, miscellaneous demons hanging around. One of them, which was canine in appearance, Mal named “Ashley.” Ashley, most certainly masculine and a talking dog for irony, said something peculiar to me:

“You don’t know who you’re talking to, stupid girl.”

When pressed, Ashley said that “John” wasn’t a “John” at all and that we were talking to a powerful demon. We tried to guess who, but Ashley said we’d need to find out for ourselves.

“You’ve put something in motion.” Ashley mentioned before disappearing back beneath Mal’s bed as John returned.

Mal and I decided to talk about this privately before approaching John with this information. Mostly cause we were terrified. Conversations continued for months after with the entity that we called John, as well as many others. But, as time continued, I started to notice the pool got smaller. Eventually, it was hard to talk to anyone OTHER than John. John was–careful and calculating. He would ask questions about the book I was writing and comment on the “gifts” that I had. If we caught him pretending to be someone else, it was usually after a pointed question would arise.

After the months had passed, Mal was finally at a place where she had some questions of her own. “Why are you so interested in this book?”

“I have a personal interest in it.” - John

“Why are you so interested in Alex?”

“We’ve known each other for a very long time.”

“So your name isn’t John.”

“You knew that already.”

“Who are you?”

" ‘No One’."

No One became his official name for a while after that. Eventually, we got so caught up in our drama at school that we stopped talking to him for a while. Once we graduated, things became more serious. I noticed that since we spoke to “John,” I’ve noticed John following me around during the day. It was relatively consistent at first, like a child with a new toy. As time went on he had “other business to attend to” and would disappear for long periods.

I didn’t think he had the desire or ability to do anything to us as long as we closed the ouija board when we were done. I was definitely wrong. I had a boyfriend in high school, one that wasn’t very good for me–emotionally abusive and whatnot. I had a dream my junior year that “John” was standing at the edge of the roof, said boyfriend clasped in his fist. John stared at me, “Do you love him?” I said yes. He glanced at me, half-smiling. “You don’t know what love is.” Then dropped him.

Over the summer this boyfriend got into a bunch of trouble and had to change schools. I never saw him again. I reserve the statement that all things are coincidental, and I could be looking too far into some things, but you have to look at the collective picture vs. the individual events themselves to see where I draw my conclusions from (I’m also cutting a LOT of information out for the sake of brevity.)

My senior year, now that this boyfriend was gone, was one of the best years of my education. Same year–a friend of mine printed my first draft of my novel and took it home. She was awoken in the middle of the night to see two spectral wolves fighting in her shared bedroom with her sister. The two girls watched as the wolves escaped out of a window, one chased by the other. In the scuffle, the beasts broke their alarm clock against the wall during their escape. She noted to me that the book was glowing some nights, and one beast wanted to take the manuscript while the other fended it off. She tossed the work back to me and never spoke to me again after it happened.

Mal and I spent a lot of time that year trying to uncover who this “John” guy was. I came to a few ideas, but wound up reaching my biggest one: “Abaddon.” After explaining it to Mal, she agreed, and we decided to confront him.

Yeah. John not only said I’m not even close but he LAUGHED at me. I told him that I didn’t understand what the secret was. We then settled on calling him “Mr. Mysterious.” Time continued we put more dreams together in the timeline.

I picked up automatic writing and, in my own desperation, I used the ouija board on my own. He finally gave me a name one night in the middle of a conversation about the entity at Mal’s house. My skepticism came. This was now the 4th or 5th time he’s tried to do this, so I didn’t know if I could believe him. In the same conversation, he explained to me that our souls are wound tightly together for some reason he wasn’t sure of. He suspected that we were supposed to destroy each other, though he admitted he wasn’t confident that was the case because he’d grown quite fond of me over the years, which is why he seized the opportunity to talk to me when we used the board.

I got a new boyfriend. Mr. Mysterious was not happy about this and told me often. He spent a LOT of time away now, and at times wouldn’t even answer when I reached out to him. Feelings of #butthurt ensued.

Same year. Mal was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Lots of things happened surrounding it that I’ll leave for another post. She died in 2014 and we buried her on Valentine’s day.

Things got weird after that. Despite not liking my then-boyfriend, Mysterious came back. He tolerated my boyfriend “because that made me happy” and “that’s all he cared about.” Mysterious started to teach me things and help me understand the dream messages. He hovered like a parent over a child.

I was suddenly whisked into a job in IT, two years after that I doubled my salary, and two years after that I tripled my salary. Mind you, I have no unique skills, no college degree. Notta.

When I got my second gig, we were living in my current place, and we were having a conversation about an entity named Chaos.

“Can I admit something to you?” - Mysterious


“I think I’m in love with you.”

Me: “Wut?”

My now-best-friend even commented on it. “You just seem to always be in the right place at the right time. It’s like you’ve got some extra help.”

I quickly put two and two together (cause I believe the universe likes to tell you things if you listen enough.) I confronted Mysterious about it. He admitted he’s been doing things to put me in positions that were lucrative for “us.” It’s still not clear to me what his end game is, aside from what he tells me, but he’s recently achieved a more friendly relationship with my boyfriend–even fixing his vision in return for a “favor” that he can call on later.

I may post more on this thread if there is interest, but I’ve learned a lot about him over these past few years. I’ve gotten to know how he became who he is, as well as some upheaval in the “otherworld” that everyone is navigating.

Mr. Mysterious

I had this piece commissioned by Marc Lopez. You can find him on Facebook. It’s based on a line drawing that I did from a dream where I saw Mr. Mysterious’s real face. The horns aren’t accurate, but it’s still a bomb piece.

Interesting Facts:


  • Able to manipulate this world in large ways
  • Can instill thoughts in other people
  • Can manipulate shadows
  • Can use my body as a temp host to communicate (but doesn’t do this unless he has to)
  • Plays with energy like it’s playdoh
  • Can dampen emotions (when I’m really upset he can basically stop them)
  • Coincidental messaging is his favorite (Our favorite songs, no matter how old, coming on the radio in the car at JUST the right time)
  • Other entities usually leave when he’s around. He’s like a shark in open water, if that makes sense.


  • Mochi ice cream
  • Dogs (has 3 wolve-type beings, though in recent years I have only seen two of them, and one has completely lost its fur due to illness)
  • Nature
  • Music (I’d say his #1 honestly)
  • Having an opinion on everything
  • Asmodeus is his present favorite demon in the world
  • Himself… Wayyyy too much.
  • Artsy-things (dude can draw and paint like it’s nobody’s business)
  • Learning new things
  • Teaching people things
  • Technology, surprisingly
  • Throwing shade (he is the shadiest)


  • Some interpretations of him
  • Illogical thinking/Irrational people
  • Truly evil people (racists, class-ists, etc.). I’d be surprised if this wasn’t something that most demons are against, considering some of the things I’ve seen in Mysterious’s backstory.
  • Modern interpretations of Pleroma

Anyway, I feel like I’ve rambled. The more interesting stuff would be the dreams that I’ve had, but I wanted to shitpost for a moment about my main man. puts on sunglasses and points at Mysterious with finger guns :sunglasses: :point_right::point_right:

Mysterious is unamused

Any ideas? You think he could be who he claims to be? He’s been pretty consistent so far. Anyone have any interactions with an entity similar to this? Also, apparently we have some sort of bet going between us, but it’s against the rules for him to tell me what it is (allegedly) and I have no recollection of what it actually is. :thinking:


My feelings sharing this piece:


Wow… I have no words to explain this… Seriously, what an adventure! I dunno if I feel bad or happy for you…
But what if it’s not a demon? What if it is a deceased person you knew, who loved you?
Edit: Love the drawing (talented people all around) and the nickname lmao :smile:

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It’s definitely possible, maybe from like a past life or something.

Exactly what I was thinking. It is possible that he is an ancient soul who had been with you in your past lives and eventually came to have feelings for you.

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I can’t tell you who or what he is. But Ive experienced a spirit being overprotective and not amused of boyfriends as well.
Although the characteristics of your spirit don’t match mine, some parts of your story sound pretty similar to what I’ve been through.

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But I tell you, be open about “what” he is. Sometimes it’s not what we expect.

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Yeah, my hesitancy come from my worry of coming across like “senpai notice me” in my posts. :sweat_smile: I’m not special or anything, and I feel like a declaration of his identity would be some sort of proclamation like: “Hey, look at me.” It sounds dumb, but it’s the type of things that I worry about.

Additionally, my experience with him has been that he likes to tell me what he thinks I want to hear. He’s real bent on this weird guilt trip thing right now, too, and I’m not really sure where it comes from (which inevitably lead me to the internet after all these years).


It’s really ironic because usually I’m super confident but when it comes to this stuff I get weirdly nervous.

I’ve come to not believe in coincidence. Many synchronicities have occured around me and others in this forum. Mr. Mysterious is not unique in that regard. You can hear the very world speak if you have ears to hear.

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Wait, so you know who he is?

But yeah, I feel you.

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Exactly. I feel like, through reading all these posts on the forum, I may be able to discover some things I haven’t thought of before. It may even enlighten me on some of these weird dreams I’ve been having all these years. After all of these “coincidences” I’m like: “I can live in blissful ignorance or open my eyes to the world around me” and honestly even if it is all coincidences, it makes life so much more interesting.

I really wish you the best though, whatever happens with him. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, he’s “told” me. Allegedly he’s “Lucifer” but you can imagine my skepticism. I have some dreams that may indicate this is to be true, but why would someone like that spend Saturdays on my couch telling me that I should break up with my boyfriend and then terrorize my youngest dachshund around the house, y’know?

In the past, I’ve also been told that by plenty-a-demon in an effort to scare me/get some sort of power over me. So I keep a healthy level of skepticism. I’m like: “I probably got like his accountant, gynecologist, or something.”

It’s also really casual compared to other things I’ve read, and a bunch of people say “Oh you can’t talk to the REAL Lucifer, he’s far too busy for that.” So I’m just over here staring at Mysterious like: :eyes: :eyes: Or, on the flip, before I finally joined this forum, I read a article after article on different blogs about how they have these wild flings and intense romantic relationships and I’m like: “Yeah, he likes to come to my house, smack around Mr. Charles (the dog in question), then chill for a few hours before moving onto the next thing.” It sounds odd. :sweat_smile:

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Random question, do spirits have those sort of powers? We definitely have an extensive history from the past (according to what I’ve seen about my past life). That’s why I definitely don’t rule it out.

Him: “I’m Lucifer.”



That’s just a human way of thinking, but spirits follow other laws.

Before I found out more about “my” spirit, I thought I was either cursed or I’m a loser, cause I never managed to get a relationship going. Either I turned the guy down cause he wasn’t perfect enough, or they suddenly turned me down for ridiculous reasons, or they lost their minds. More than one…
Turns out it wasn’t me!
Sooo, im telling you:you’re not crazy!

And yes I think you most likely have a connection thats way older than this life.


Thanks for making me not feel stupid. You are the real MVP. :heart: Haha

I was cringing as I was writing it like: “Oh I’m going to look like a moron.” Glad to know it’s not THAT bad.

You know that for them it doesn’t work that way, right? I mean, “time” for Demons, Kings, Angels etc works in a VERY different way.
I don’t see why it’s not Lucifer.

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They sure do. I believe they have the power to travel through dimensions and “bond” with someone’s soul through many lifetimes.
Lady Savannah from the Black Witch Coven has addressed this topic many times. She once said “for those of us who have been working with them through many lifetimes…” So I really think this is possible.
And Lucifer is “too busy”? Ya kidding? Those guys can be in multiple places at the same time. They even have familiars. Wow. What a human way of thinking. :laughing:
I have been planning to get in contact with Lucifer in the near future. He is a cool guy.

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