Mysterious Spirit : A Gift or a Nightmare

Story (from a friend of mine) :

A spirit (demon or whatever they call them) visited me several years ago for unknown purpose and it’s still with me ,the very first signs started at night when I go to sleeping room and relax in bed to sleep.
Every night, I FEEL (no sound) slight steps inside the room as if someone is walking around, I feel the presence of something that is unphysical flows inside the room and always comes to my bed instead of my brother’s bed but luckily I always cover my self completely because I was scared (trembling with fear every night). The same process repeated for several days (8-18 days).

Next chapter, head pain. I started to feel the presence of someone with me in the bed (no physical interactions or touches) and here comes the difficult part, I started to feel pain at the top of my head and at first it was minimal then it started to get more painful (heightening slowly) to the EXTREME. This process developed over the days and the pain became something very annoying and extremely painful, no matter what I do and I tried to move and change my position of sleeping and sometimes I hit whom is around me to make it go away ,the pain stops then it starts again as if someone is knocking my head with a hammer (very painful). Suddenly, this process started to slow down a bit and the pain is much less (constructions finalized I guess). I started dreaming , in a dream I saw a female opening the door of the room (long black hair covering eyes and face) until I changed my room. Nightmare dreams and scare have gone.

Next chapter, physical interactions. The spirit always comes behind me and exactly behind my back. I started to feel gentle touches in sensitive parts of my body, the spirit continued the same habit with heightening intense and more touches every night. Surprisingly it didn’t hurt me by any way even though I felt a bite at my back and guess what , it was VERY PAINFUL as if someone is eating you and you are screaming in silence (horror movie happened few times). Now I know when this spirit is around or with me when I hear the ssss sound from my left ear (something is installed there?).

Next chapter, relationship changes. I no longer feel scared of anything, the dark is not something frightening for me. The mysterious spirit is a part of my life and it’s both good and bad.

About the good, sexual interactions that are inevitable (a master in seducing) like hugs cuddles kisses and sexual activity. I feel she always with me protecting me and guiding me through the life and I feel she wants me to be a leader who is the best. I feel she loves me and I feel safe when she hugs me.

About the bad, unlimited hunger for sexual activity and being clingy. Here’s the worse thing, forehead pain. It’s the most annoying thing because every time I try to talk to a person she is always there ahead of me interrupting me every time, the longer the conversation goes the worst come from that spirit. I feel like someone is knocking my forehead and the area downwards and between my brows, this build a huge pressure on that area and make me feel uncomfortable, plus it makes me look angry (in people eyes) and many people asked me about this many times (hey you look angry, why you are always angry, you look rude, tight and angry) and many of them try to ignore me as much as possible because I look like that tough and scary guy(you get the idea). This problem affected my relationship with almost every person I met (including family).
The other thing is vampire-like bites. During sexual activity, sometimes she get closer to my neck (close to throat) and then starts biting me there (sucking my energy?).

After digging deeply into the story, let’s conclude the details.

The spirit signs and footprints (ordered by period of actions) :

  • Feeling steps and presence inside room
  • Physical touches
  • Sexual interactions
  • Many pairs of long hair with green, red and purple dirt (or something like cotton) inside the house and especially the room
  • Purple marks in body under groin
  • Big black mark in the center of stomach (like a burn)
  • Red strings inside bathroom
  • White light (glints)

The spirit physical characteristics (predicted from feelings and dreams) :

  • Sharp nails
  • Big breasts
  • Black hair covering face
  • Snake-like blue eyes
  • Horns
  • Smooth skin
  • Strong body

The spirit incorporeal characteristics :

  • Fairly loyal
  • Hardly obedient
  • Lustful
  • Hateful for life distractions
  • Hideous
  • Sensitive and emotional

Common diseases and health problems faced :

  • Constipation
  • Bleeding G-spot
  • Eyes super sensitive to white light and white colored materials (cause headaches)

What have been seen :

  • Energy colors (white the most common, purple, red, blue and green)
  • Blue eyes (sneak-like)
  • Shapes of eyes everywhere (when eyes are closed)
  • Darkness (similar to black fog)

Controversial points :

  • Vampire-like bite on the neck cause body weakness and blurry vision.
  • Feeling the presence of more than one spirit during sexual activity.

Communication with the spirit :

  • By geatures.
  • two-way conversation in mind (still weak)

Influences caused by the spirit :

  • Being a leader and a strong character
  • Building a healthy body
  • Eating less and increasing efficiency of energy
  • Talking a bit thinking a lot

Last interaction with the spirit :

I told her that I hate her because she bit me painfully.
The other day I thought she has gone because I don’t feel her presence so much and she don’t touch me as much as usual. I feel she is sad, and I can hear her voice saying something (like complaining?).

This is the story of my friend, I collected all the information.
Can you help us identify this spirit ?


I suggest starting direct communication with it, or divination. Instead of wasting time and energy on guessing. Go straight to the source :slight_smile:


My opinion is the demon Belial with the big black mark in the center of stomach is one of his signs.

If you are still uncertain of a deity when you perform a ritual or your feeling his presence, you should ask for a strong sign of his identity that way you will know for sure who the deity is.

He can be summoned in order to reconcile foes or reinforce friendships and to lure any person to commit acts especially of a sexual nature.

A former romantic partner has performed a strong love ritual to entice your friend back. With all the approaches in your bed and sexual behavior, touching and the charms being left as gifts are indicators of his favor and wanting her back. The headaches and bites and other afflictions are signs of his displeasure at being jaded and rejected.


That’s a textbook succubus.


indeed, but for now consider it as a puzzle and test your knowledge.

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maybe. however, it’s unlikely because the person himself is still a teenager and has only few friends (no romantic relationships or girls).

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but does succubus bite the host like a vampire ?
we should ask @succupedia shall we ?

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Spirits can take any shape or form they wish. They’re not human. What you’re describing could be any spirit in existence. It’s not a matter of checking a text book of spirits descriptions… doesn’t work that way unless it’s a thought form or imagined character and we’re looking for a name and personality for it.

Contact the spirit itself or use divination. And it’s not difficult to do. That’s my opinion.


Why would they bite? As a part of a physical, sexual act, sure they can bite to spice it up a bit. It’s still not a common denominator for a succubus.

I would say that they are sexually adaptable to fulfill anyone’s kinks, but be careful of what you wish for. For some people, the succubus and incubus starts from the top - high energy and physical manifestation - and work their way down. That’s how they find the balance. It also works in opposite way, low to high until they find the perfect setup in the middle.


When a succubus come to you randomly (no rituals done or anything) without your choice, what do you call that? Interrupting your conversations with people, knocking your forehead and make you look like an angry man (playing with your face gestures) as if she was trying to tell them : go away (especially in public places). Such spirits shouldn’t interfere in personal decision making like chatting with people , traveling around the city and so.

I know you are always positive when it comes to succubus spirits, this time I would like to hear your negativity because there should be a balanced point of view.

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I call it predation; they feed on sexual energy. If it’s around in easy prey they’re gonna feed.

Succubi and incubi very often physically rough up and mark their victims, and the personality changes you’ve described give the influence away as demonic compared with, say, parasites or phantasms which would just effect the target’s mood.

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I actually have shared my experiences of their darker sides and manifestations in here several times, and what they are capable of doing if they have the intention to harm us. I even have shared how they do this, and what methods they use.

…but my overall experience is on the positive side when it comes to succubus spirits, so why should I twist it to fit your own agenda of a “balanced point of view”?

I think all the “negatives” of a succubus, or spirit relationship in general, are subjective and that shouldn’t reflect on everyone.

Just because you or anyone else thinks that a succubus can be “clingy” and “too physically close” to you, doesn’t mean that I also should believe so. Just because a succubus arouse you for the smallest things and you get bothered by that, doesn’t mean I have to feel bothered by it. You get my point, right?

It’s not about “perfection” either, because just like us humans, they have their flaws and weaknesses. It’s more about tolerance and acceptance of who and what we are, and the moment we forget about that, we should look at ourselves in the mirror.


So you’re saying they’re worse than parasites? As someone who has first hand experience I will have to completely disagree with you.


I would recommend talking to her more about boundaries. Tell her that you want to have a life and friends outside of her. If you love her compromise sometimes too,:blush:

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Yes for sure. I understand and respect what you say because you have the experience. it’s not about clinginess it’s about being hardly obedient even after talking and discussing the problem.

The perfection rule applies to all creatures including spirits, which mean there are good spirits and bad spirits, good humans and bad humans.

Just to be clear, the balanced approch is : don’t be too positive and don’t be too negative (be between them).

Thank you for your time.

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Good suggestion. Yes and that’s what happened, discussing the subject several times. Realizing that family occasions and relationships between people is essential and not distractive. At first, she was like : yeah for sure got it. The other day : Nah. (same issue).

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I hope you don’t mean that as in being indifferent? Why not be all of that? Emotions are like an equalizer. It comes in waves and goes up and down and stays in the middle when we turn off the music. I would rather say; Be too positive when it’s needed, and be too negative when it’s needed. Then brush it off and come back to the middle. Regression doesn’t do any good, as I see it. Of course we shouldn’t expressively exaggerate it either, but I think you get my point.


Does the spirits appearance change— different at times than others
And also please tell me is there a lot of haziness or fogginess in your manifestations- or fire/flames in your visions?


They’re not worse, necessarily. All I said was the symptoms are different.

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Yes I got your idea and I respect it.
I wrote a lot to you in this reply then I decided to not dig deeper because such topics are a little bit complicated and cause headaches to me.

Anyway, thanks again.