MyLHP version of prayer

I am scholar,
Who art a heathen.
Hallowed by my name.
My kingdom come.
My will be done,
On earth as I create Heaven.
I take for myself,
My daily bread.
And forget not my trespasses,
Nor shall I forgive those who trespass against me.
I shall conquer all temptation,
And smite down all that is evil.
For mine is the power,
And the glory forever.


Darkness my bride.
For your shadows I hide.
Patiently waiting for a place at your side.


I love the first 2 lines

That is great @davethebarbarian!!!

Me too–they’re priceless, I really like Solus_Oneightsix verse too



Hey…(being), thanks a lot.

The rest i tend to make up as i go along.

Aside from a few nasty curses and Witch ropes, i dont adher to strict rituals unless i want to do so.

Dont get me wrong, im always respectful, but my rites sometimes vary wildly. The spirits seems to eith not care one way or another, or they are cool with me doing my own thing asmlong as they get to work their power in this world via my will.

It’s my version of “the lords prayer”

My Father
Which wert in heaven
Hallowed by Thy name in Heaven
As it is on Earth.
Give me this day my ecstasy
And deliver me to evil as well as temptation
For I am part of Your kingdom
For Aeons and aeons

Hail Satan!