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So I am planning to do many more podcasts, potentially daily on my channel. I have invited several guests both from Balg and some who aren’t

I thought id create this thread to let you guys know when I do these podcasts instead of making a new one every time.

This week coming I have S.Ben Qayin coming on, The Grand Infinity, and a few others.

Today J.S Garrett (who was in the anthology vol III) will be joining me to talk about why magicians fail. These podcasts are Live so you can come and ask any questions you might have.

Link is here:

Today, I broadcast live with J.S Garrett to talk about why magicians fail. J.S Garrett contributed in the Anthology of Sorcery this year with a great article that blew many magicians away. Today we will touch on a very different topic, that I am eager to discuss. Come join us live, ask your questions and tune in to another great podcast. Podcast begins at 7pm UK time (1 Hour 20 Mins from now). Come join us!!! Link is below!!!

Stay True & Stay Awesome!!!

Stay True & Stay Awesome!!!


We @BecomeALivingGod are supposed to be a family and support one another.
So I really wonder why Nate Bales thinks you are a piece of shit.:grin:

I mean its not good at all. We are supposed to stand by you.


I have no idea, we all have personality clashes.

I always had the deepest respect for Nate. Shame he wasn’t able to say any of this to my face, if he did we may have been able to talk it over.


You have got a friend in me. So don’t worry.

Maybe you should meet him(Nate Bales) or chat with him via e-mail. And try to make him see reasons with you.

And I really hope this beef between you and Somnus Dreadwood doesn’t escalate to spiritual fight.


I reached out several times, and got no response.

Its not my issue, I made efforts to approach this, its his baggage now not mine. He talked a lot of shit but deliberately avoided me. He doesn’t want to talk, or accept that there may be a misconception or misunderstanding.

He has already made up his mind, I don’t care to change it anymore.

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Today I go live with C.Kendall on my Ministry of Madness series. C.Kendall studying shape shifting will hold some great debate for us to have in this podcast. Come join us.


Alright. I guess you have done your possible best.

Nate Bales has proven that he is a piece of sh*t.

NOTE: Sorry for my raw words

I will like to see C. Kendall shape shift if he can.

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Glad to see you talking with people from the forum. That means alot :slight_smile:


Looking forward to your pod cast with grand infinity. I usually listen to both your podcast and his while at work :slight_smile:

Also can’t wait for your rune book too drop :slight_smile:

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it wont be long until me and Joe do that next podcast

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This time on ministry of madness I go live with J.D Temple, a frequent and returning guest on this channel to talk about his work in the occult. Come join us live in just under an hour!!! Link is below.

Stay True & Stay Awesome!!!

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About to go live just shortly with Paul Francis Young for my Ministry of Madness Series. Paul is a returning guest on my channel so its good to have him on again. Come and join us two Scottish lads for a good podcast.


Today at around 6pm UK time I go live with Joey Torvol and a very special guest Uncle Birch, for the Yule See Holiday Special. For this holiday special we are going to cover Christmas/Yule related topics and I am going to give you all a very special holiday gift. Its going to be a merry podcast… Stay True, Stay Awesome & Stay Merry!!!


In just over an hour I go live with J.S. Garrett to talk about Dark spirits and some other magick related topics. Come join us live and ask your questions, join in the fun. Stay True & Stay Awesome!!!

I wasn’t able to see any comments.

10pm UK (1 hour) time I go live with my main man Jo March, the Grand Infinity, the Psycho Sorcerer for the first podcast of 2018. We are gonna be slammin some beast ass topics tonight so come join us an don’t miss out. Stay True & Stay Awesome!!!

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Today I go live with my good buddy Oskar Myrberg for my one year anniversary podcast. It has been exactly one year since I became an author and released my first book Ramblings of an Apprentice Vitki. Today I will talk about the journey so far, the runes and odin. Come join us live.