My workings-Qliphoth/Demonic Magic

Hi y’all. For the people that don’t know me, I am quite a relaxed person, so I will avoid drama, complicated ways of expressing myself, and burdensome staff that can make communication harder.
Today’s subject is…


Why working in this qliphoth is very interesting and useful?
Thaumiel is both fight and balance between light and darkness It is harmony, and chaos.
Well… There always has been this conception about working with the Light and the Darkness.
But this is much more than that.

The concept of Light (and the inner Light form) is more than being “good”, “angel like” or “positive”. Its energy is strong, powerful. It inspires confidence, a godlike feeling. Security, peace, but also a lack of understanding to other antagonist energies. It is a Real feeling, but not a True one. You feel connected to all, you feel unity.
The concept of Darkness (and the inner Dark/Shadow form) is more than being “evil”, “demon like” or “negative”. It is a strong energy, but with a different touch. It is fear, anxiety, depression, desolation, danger, predatory energy. It can feel Unreal, but True. You feel disconnected from everything, you feel isolated.

Before anyone jumps up to conclusions like "if I work with the Demons, do I have to choose only the “Dark energy”? The simple answer is “No”. Dark magic has been known to expose the subjects to both Darkness and Light that want to learn about it, as opposed to more monotheistic “Light” religions (Islam, Christianity…etc.). This is not bad itself, but unipolar religions will only understand one of the poles (Darkness/Light) and be, at the end, biased to their perceptions, being unable to see the “all” and the “void”.
Both are very protecting energies if used well. And you can be on a “dark” path, and be able to develop both energies (as in Luciferianism, where Lucifer, in example, is a carrier of Light).

Thaumiel can be felt as much Void as plain Darkness can be. It is emptiness and fullness at the same time. It is life and death. It is being unborn and exist at the same time. The cohabitation between the concept of existing and not. It is plan blankness, but it feels as an overwhelming and dense energy. It can make you insane. It is an overload of stimuli, but if analysed properly, being able to deconstruct different pieces of energetic concepts is very useful to learn how to explore it. It is not just “as Above so Below”, it is a multidimensional concept of that quote. There are more than just 2 poles, but also there are just 2. It is both the All and Nothing.
Thaumiel is where both the tower of the Day and the tower of the Night coexist at the same place but different sub planes within. They are the same tower, but they are not.

There are lots of ways to reach Thaumiel. They all require astral travelling, and lots of self consciousness.
If people are interested, I could write all the different ways that I have used to enter this Qliphoth. They are not they only ways to reach this realm. As all the magicians know, magic is very complex and subjective, but maybe showing my rituals could potentially help others to create their own ways of reaching these realms.

It is recommended to research these realms with an entity that helps you go through it.
I have found Belial very helpful with this, but there are others that potentially could be very helpful. Try to choose an entity known to be able to travel between universes, planes…etc. (In example Anubis, Hermes, Janus…etc.) but if you have a pact with another one and they are up to help you with this, that should be enough.

Working with Thaumiel energies will provide you with an understanding of the bigger picture, lack of extremism in your way of thinking, awareness about the wholeness of the reality and multiverse, and will open your body and mind to new experiences, preparing you for further (and more complex) magical work and spirituality, regardless of whether it is a “light” or a “dark” path (LHP/RHP).

What are your thoughts and experiences about this?
I am looking forward to hearing back from you, and learn all together from each other.

Dark Kisses.