My working with the spirits

3 days back I did a massive offering to my spirits decided to include the other 3 archangels.

I gave thanks and an offering to Raphael to keep me away from desiases and for good Health.

The Very Next Day I fall sick :rage: I am extremely angry for this bs is he making Fun of me! 2 weeks ago I was sick yet again for 2 weeks now again he then didnt help me to recover.

He has 1 day to make things right did he do this to you guys too?

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Raphael has 1 day to make things right? Or else what? Tell us :joy:


will not work with him any more I included him in my weekly offerings and this happened is this a joke not all of the spirits I work with are there

I wanted to let you all mages to be aware of this BS and Disrespect toward a Magician because you all work with spirits

And? :woman_shrugging:t2:


Would you like your spirit servant whipped, masser?


Trolls will be banned you know that right?

What you have to learn that they have their free mind and they can make their own decisions. They are NOT your slaves who have to serve you.

Just because something happened in a different way you wanted, you act like this, like a spoiled child? Believe me when I say they know you much better than even you could notice yourself and how you behave.

If you became sick, then you have to accept what happened and move on. The world won’t adapt to you just because you order it, so demons or angels, neither.

Stay respectful and humble.
(I haven’t been sick for six years, anyway. Never rule anyone to protect me. I’ll got what I deserve.)


Not her.




I cannot let spirits do as they wish how are you supposed to act if a spirit fuck with you?
I know they are not my slaves that is why I give offerings.

Is there a possibility that raphel is actually helping you by strengthening your immune system via sickness?


how do you work with spirits tell me?
I really dont care if he does it or not but attack me that is another topic
If I dont get results then I do not do offerings I do not force them.

You do realise, that the virus or bacteria that made you sick, was most likely already in your body, before you ever called upon Raphael, right?

When one experiences symptoms, it is caused by the body’s immune system attacking the invader. Therefor, you already had it inside of you before you called the angel.

No spirit can “keep away” something you already have. All they can do is aid in the fight.


I havent thought of that

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Not sure what region of the world you live in but if there is a season where people are often getting sick (such as the flu during the fall and winter), getting sick early on may help prevent or lessen the blow later in the season. Or that is my guess to the logic

Well It hit me the night afther the offering I thought it was a fish bone stuck in my throat so I got to a doctor and he told me its a virus it is a very bad coincidence and magic work thought coincidence what will you thought in my shoes

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Then it is nothing more than a support line. You don’t expect a customer support girl to conclude your call with a “happy ending” do you?

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