My work with Gamigin

So i will be talking about my evocation of Gamigan. This spirit was very subtle but i could feel his presence on my shoulder and head. I use the coin divination so i asked if he was there. Of course he said yes.

After asking if he would help me with graveyard rites and necromancy i offered to pay him something. (I always do something for the spirits) so i offered the usual. Food. Blood. Art. Poetry. But he said no to all of these. So i asked if he wanted me to visit a graveyard due to his ties with them. He said yes.

I then proceeded to question and it turned out he wanted me to leave a rose at this graveyard that i usually drive past to head to my dads. I usually blare music and its always super loud so my thoughts is that he is teaching me to better respect the dead. I also burned a lose dollar and put the ashes onto the rose.

I left that and a paper with my requests on it. Gamigin is a great spirit and great for graveyards and necromancy. I can say he is subtle but you should try to reach him! Good luck to all!