My work so far with Flauros

I’ve been working on and off with Flauros for several months now. Initially, I only intended to ask him for one thing, but circumstances kept leading me back to him and asking for his assistance.

Despite looking and speaking in a rather intimidating manner, he’s actually been very patient with me. Looking back, I know I fumbled my first few evocations in some parts. But as I got better with them, I felt as though he rewarded me with more immediate results. His appearance to me has become a lot less hazy as well- initially I only saw the light of his eyes, a bright orange/yellow, burning in my mind’s eye. But now I see more of him, and I think I can feel his presence a lot better.

The first time I called upon him, it was to seek protection and revenge against a group who had been threatening my friends with curses. Not too long after, this group started having one bad experience after another before they were cut out of our lives entirely and had mental crises. It sounds like an exaggeration, but they fell hard.

Another time I asked for Flauros’ help, it was for someone intentionally acting malicious to me and making vague threats (and he had the capability to find out where I live), and the circumstances at the time meant I couldn’t avoid him. After working with Flauros once more, perhaps a week later this person just vanished and went radio silent. I asked someone who knew him if they knew what happened, and what I’m told was that he fell into a deep depression and attempted suicide. When he did eventually come back, after maybe a month of silence, he didn’t bother me.

Last night, after recent events involving someone making up lies about me and forging evidence in order to drive me away from a staff position, I contemplated evoking Flauros again. I was in bed at this point, trying to go to sleep, but I repeated his enn in my mind as I thought about it.
And it was a peculiar thing- you know how when you close your eyes, you see vague patterns and shapes? I was distinctly seeing a leopard’s face, moving and shifting, mostly made of static, but it was most definitely a leopard. I was in a trance as I watched him, and I made my request as I would with a regular evocation. When I wake up this morning, I learn that almost everyone else on that staff team wants to quit too, after finding out what had happened. If this is the case, then the ones who wronged me are going to fall. And they will fall hard.

I’m going to leave an offering for Flauros tonight as thanks. I didn’t think I’d make so many enemies, as I consider myself fairly easy to get along with and I stay in my lane unless provoked first, but he’s helped with getting them all out of my way and giving me peace of mind. In the past, I’ve given him incense, art, and rum. Maybe tonight I’ll step up my game and offer something more. I’m not sure if I’m ready to give blood quite yet, so suggestions are appreciated, if you’d like.

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Hail Haures


Thanks for sharing :bouquet:

I love Flauros. The first time I worked with him was a few months ago. I intended to work with him and first called him as Haures…he told me he prefered I call him Flauros and we proceeded.

This is crazy because I was intending to call him again last night but didn’t know if I should. I spent all night wondering…I think I will now.