My wolf

Well one thing i’ve been doing for a few years is bonding with my spirit animal which is the wolf and I have worked with lycanthropy and other shamanistic rituals to overcome the physical limits of body modification I have come far in shapeshiting but not as far as id like to be I see my inner wolf as both a version of me but also I see the wolf as his own form when he’s not merged with me in meditation any way I am having my tattoo today

I had a tattooist desgin a image I had seen a Norse shamanistic mediation session and today I will be imprint upon my skin the image of my animalistic form.

As a form of dedication, i’ll let you guys know how it goes.

Below is the design

Here’s the result


Classic and classy :purple_heart:


that looks great! i need to check on my totem, actually.


Very nice color choice! :slight_smile:


nice tattoo! is there any path or discipline that leads to the work of mutation? It is not my primary objective, but I know that I must first obtain changes in the subtle body. Greetings.