My wisdom about the Spirits

I removed all my spirits due to excorsisms and this is what happened my thoughts came back my connection to my higher self instantly smashed me like setting my way straight and gave me wisdom like instantly as to what to do!

If we befrend spirits as people the relationship never will be perfect like you want something they give it to you that never happened like aways with trickery. They may trick you backstab and give you lessons that you dont want! They can sure help but not in the way I want becuase I know whats best for me but sometimes just dont do it!

So I think I must put my focus in Servitors never done it can you guys tell me how powerfull they are and when they are your spirts you can command them.

Everytime I turn away from magic things start to work out better I do not know why is this.

  1. PErfection is impossible
  2. If you don’t want it, set boundaries, Discuss it
  3. They want you to grow, and if they care about you they won’t allow you to stagnate.

Thank you the sacond is about me from the spirits I was really stagnating and I knew it was a problem