My whole alter is just got burned

Today the snake has accidentally come to our home
And I just watched it and help my uncle to catch it up
Then when After all that incident I came to my room
My alter just catch fire
I am feeling so sad rgt now
Cause my lord Lucifer is half burn too
It feels like someone burned my love :pleading_face::pleading_face:

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How did it catch fire ?

Don’t feel like that. I am sure you will make the next one even more glorious.

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Because of the candle
But I don’t know how the candle catch so much fire


Dude reality check if your temple catches fire you typically got hostile magick targeting you, or a spirit is seriously pissed at you. Having your temple catch fire is one of the worst things can befall a practicioner. It’s definitely a bad omen.

My unsolicited advice

Banish and cleanse thoroughly before reassembling your temple.

Do an inventory of spirits you work with that you may have offended by not rewarding on time for thier service or some other violation of the relationship.

Start again with heavier spiritual wards and protections.

Do a divination to see if you’ve been hexed or cursed. If so handle that promptly.

Good luck


Never, ever leave a burning candle unattended. Not for a snake, not for any other reason.



Also and don’t leave candles unattended. At least blow it out and snuff the incense then handle a snake or other emergency.

Its one thing to have a pest in your home that is venomous potentially (I lived in Virginia briefly where they had four major snakes, all venomous.), its another to lost your home due to a fire.

Not scolding you mind you, I understand. Ive had to prematurely end a ritual due to setting off smoke detectors because of candle heat as well as too much smoke. Every candle has the possibility to explode, jump, expand and spark. Always keep water at hand to quench the entire circle if need be. A 5 pound Home Depot bucket filled with water near your circle might be a good idea. Or sand.

As far as your love being burnt, requite your love by creating a gateway or talisman or seal for Lucifer, and explain what occurred and ask for help.

I have had a jar candle knock itself over, knocked over a candle of a circle in circumambulation, etc. I might be cursed, but I still keep on keeping on to the best of my time and ability. In a deliverance in the past three years, I burnt all I had or constructed. Never again.

Air drafts are a common cause of fire expansion sparking or exploding. When you rushed to help, you created a cross draft which likely started it. Again, put out all fir before handling an emergency, so your home and lives are safe. Not a scolding, just advice. We’ve all been there I think.


My first thought reading you was someone worked against you but on reading other posts I also agree it could also be because a spirit was pissed at you.

So I agree with pretty much all the suggestions Above but especially with what Mike_Bee said.

I offer this advice of my own on top of the above advice… make sure when burning a candle it is on a fire proof or fire resistant surface and preferably burn it a non-heat conducting holder. It’s harder for stuff to catch fire when the surface and or container are not made of materials that can catch fire and won’t heat up what they are sitting on to its ignition point.

I’m not saying it’s impossible to catch fire on heat resistant surfaces because if a spirit is involved they could make the flames burn in such a way that they reach a flammable object or surface but as most fires are not caused by spirits I repeat my advice to burn on non flammable heat resistant surfaces and or in a non heat conducting non flammable container

I avoid glass holders generally but in the case of glass holders look for unlikely to break heat resistant glass one and avoid ones that have stickers saying keep away from heat and flame . I avoid glass myself because it’s breakable not so much because I fear the heat shattering it but more because if I drop it putting it away or cleaning it up I’ll have broken glass to clean up.


It sounds like your Lucifer statue was too close. Make sure your candles are not near curtains and other fabric, and are on uncluttered, sturdy, flat areas away from windows or drafts. The holders themselves can crack or break if the heat is too intense too so be wary of that.

Ditto. So I hope you followed the advice he gave. Also if the ritual was a binding, love, domination or other spell involving someone’s will, their resistance could have caused the fire. Whether they are magicians or not.

Treat candles like small fires, which they are. Take basic precautions and don’t become complacent.


Yes, the spirits are pissed at you for calling it “altEr”. They hate that stuff.

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Thnk u :blush:

Some snake came in the other room
So I was helping my uncle to get rid of it
But when I get again my room
Okey okey
That don’t get out of my mind now
It catches fire it was so much that even I pour water it become bigger

I just wish I never see the snake
It was brown and cute
That my uncle was saying to catch it and throw it out
Of the house
But I think I should hold it in my hand
But it was too dangerous
So I just throw it out

It is my daily habit to say lord Lucifer enn
13 times
After lighting the candle
But I light the candle
And I was about to say the enn
And I hear a call more like a shouting
That snake came in the house

Well as an elder u r telling me this
And as a sister I accept my fault
And this time I will create a more beautiful alter for him

@Luciferia_06 Just so you know, nocte_ac _dir wont be responding back to you, he got his account suspended so he wont be seeing replies to him at this time (maybe never depending on how the suspension goes).

Figured I had better tell you so that you aren’t waiting for a response from him that never comes.

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Okey so what should I do first

Do what @Mike_Bee and others above have suggested and if you don’t know how to do something like banish ask the person who suggested it.

  1. Remove all damaged items especially the Lucifer statue from the alter space do not keep any. It’s not good to keep any statue/idol that is damaged in any way (in this case burnt).

  2. After you remove and throw away all the damaged items. Do not keep any. Replace what you can asap but if you can’t replace the stature right away for example don’t worry about it too much. There are other things you can use until you can get a new statue.

If you can’t replace stuff like the statue right away you can draw his sigil on paper and use that (keeping it as far away from the candle as possible while still on your alter or better yet have the sigil on the wall behind the alter where you see it while doing your magick but it’s not near enough to the candle to catch fire).

The alter table you can use something else temporarily if need be like a regular table chair or dresser.

  1. Physically clean the area (you wouldn’t invite Lucifer or even a lover into a dirty area right? So clean up until you can’t see any trace left of the fire to the best of your ability. It doesn’t have to be perfect though).

  2. Do as Mike suggested and banish them erect protections. I can’t advise on that stuff I’m just learning those things myself (previously I did magical without those safety precautions. NOT advisable.

I’m currently trying out Magickal Protection by Damon Brand for banishing but other people could better advise you then me about that. I highly recommend asking Mike_Bee if you don’t understand something he suggested.

  1. Banish before your ritual and upon closing the ritual (when you’re done) banishing after it is it.

It’s only a physical object, or objects, and accidents happen. It’s even possible the Lucifer in question wished you free from attachments to the idols or the altar props. Perhaps accidents just happen.

Sometimes candle oils or additives cause volatile reactions and even elementals get nasty with us.

I like to burn them outdoors only whenever i need to leave them unattended.

I like to also check up on my candles and other flame lighting areas from time to time. Anything could happen whenever spirits get involved.

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Same though sometimes I’ll have it burning in the room next to me and just keep an eye on mine but I never leave it burning say all night when asleep or anything like that. If I have to leave it to burn unattended it goes outdoors onto the non flammable concrete or asphalt driveway still in the heat resistant heavy candle holder basically where the flammable vegetation is more then 4 feet away (not by plan, just happens to be that way because the driveway is 10 foot wide). Or else in the center of the garage floor in the same holder where everything flammable is at least 3 foot away from it (no breeze to worry about inside the garage).

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There are people who do but like to put the candle in a bathtub with like an inch of water. (Assuming there are no children or curious pets of course.) Others will just use a ceramic casserole dish or similar size heat resistant container with a bit of water instead.

This isn’t sexy and changes the ambience but a lot of people swear by it. This only works with naked candles. Once you dress your candles with herbs, objects like charms, crystals or condition oils it changes the flammability and that makes things more unpredictable.