My warrant

I couldn’t get help making money to pay it off soooo…

I need a job to pay for marketing . But the problem is that I have a warrant out for jumping the turnstile and the company does background checks . Can Kings Bael or Zagan conceal the warrant from them seeing it when they run the background check ? I really need a job .

Let’s just be clear, this is a recipe for failure no matter what temporary success you have now.

Even if they concealed your warrant eventually you will be found and be in the same boat you’re in now.

How if one of them will keep the company from finding out about it ?

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Maybe the company doesn’t find out about it for now, but eventually the police will find you because warrants don’t go away. It may put you in a worse place down the line.


I believe King Paimon and King Belial can help me out with that until I take care of it . King Bael and Zagan could help stay out of sight with the police .

Do you know for certain there IS a warrant?


Wow, dude, you really don’t want to take responsibility for anything in life, do you?

As has been said on this forum repeatedly, demons will not solve all your problems. They require YOU to live up to your responsibilities. How could you allow jumping a turnstile to become a warrant?

I will tell you right now, that King Paimon will not help you evade your responsibilities. Why not work to get it cleared instead if trying to hide it?


I would gladly go in but there is one huge problem in front of me and that is my mom .

When I went to clear the whole bank thing someone checked my background and he told me about it . There would be no other way for him to find out about it unless there really is one .

What were his exact words, as closely as you can remember?

I get what your saying but I can’t just up and do it and then I get held at the station and then my mom gets called and all hell breaks loose .

How is your mother an obstacle to you clearing your responsibilities? You’d think she would want you to act like an adult.


He asked me if I had gotten in any trouble with the law and I said no and he told me what about my transit summons and I said oh yeah . He said they could take me in right now if they wanted to . But in NY, I think the DA isn’t gonna prosecute these types of cases anymore . I’m not 100% sure tho

Because she keeps telling to make sure I don’t get in trouble with the police and what did I do get in trouble with the police . She knows about the bank account and she called me a failure . Now this ? She also gave me money to buy a metro card and not to mention I had my school metro with me

You need to put in some sweat equity, that means hard work that saves you cost and adds value later - hit up Google with this search term and try to find others in your situation, see what worked for them:

help clearing transit summons (name of your location)

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My advice: Clear it up, and accept your mother yelling at you. It is far better than trying to hide something that will follow you wherever you go, and WILL come out eventually. You live at home, so your mother is responsible for you, and, in some places, can be held liable for your behavior.


If I can just and get it cleared up without my mom knowing then that will be okay . Can I sway their mind into letting me off the hook ? My friend told me that if I with him I would’ve gotten off the hook because I had my school metro with me . :expressionless::expressionless:

This is how the last thing you had dramas with turned out… the credit card thing.

As long as you live with her, and as long as you have these legal shenanigans cock-blocking you from jobs etc., you will be subject to her judgment and her right to criticise you. but better her than the other authorities who could get involved!

And for the love of all that’s un/holy, stay on the straight and narrow, you do NOT have the skillz for a life of crime! :+1:

Look it up and see what worked for other people. :+1:


Yup I learned from ALL of this bullshit .

I might ask for Belial’s help and go in and see what happens .


Do the on line research as well please, “pray to God but row for shore” is an ancient saying with a lot of truth, if you have some idea how to handle this on the mundane levels by reading what other people did, that will help, IMO anyway.