My Vision of Hell

Just yesterday while I was haft asleep I had a Vision of Hell. This greatly contradicts Christianity’s interpretations of Hell, and what they’d expect from it. Im sure everyone here who grew up in a Christian, Muslim, Jewish, household was always told by their parents, if they don’t do this or that, they go to Hell. If they are anything but a straight, brainwashed, God-Worshiping Sheep, they would be sent to Hell and tortured for Enternity. I grew up being afraid of these stories, but eventually I broke off from Christianity and found my own Truth within the Occult.

Hell is what you interpret it as, it could be a Paradise of yours, or it could be a illusion of being tortured and imprisoned. This goes hand in hand with my theory, that we create our own Afterlife. My Vision first Started off with me being placed in some sort of Market. People were buying and trading from these kiosks. I seemed to be the only human looking person there. Everyone else either looked demonic, or just simply inhuman.

I started walking and I can remember going up to some type of stand. I wanna say there was a woman there checking peoples wrists and sending them on their way. This could have been a man. Im still not quite sure. Once I got up to the woman she asked me for my wrist, so I showed it to her. She seemed shocked and in awe. So she simply smiled and asked for someone to escort me to a bridge, guarded by two guards in either black or silver armor.

These symbols that were on our wrists apparently dictated what our status was in Hell. Sort of like how here on Earth we have lower, middle, and high class people.

I was sent to the bridge by the escort. Once I was there the guards asked to see my symbol. I showed them and they let me through. I looked up into the sky to see that it was a red, misty, cloudy atmosphere. Orange lightening would flash within the clouds. Below the bridge was lava. It was breath taking. The bridge led me to some type of temple. It was huge, and beautiful. Once I was inside I remember meeting two different demons. I think one was Lucifer, forgot who the other one was.

They said their hellos, and seemed happy to see me. They told me I had a high status, and thus I would be given special benefits. I think you earned this status by your contributions to the Occult while you were on Earth.

They told me, they created servetors that would act as my entourage. They called someone into the room we were standing in, and out came a man with blue skin and blue eyes. He had short black hair, and looked fashionably dressed. He said his hellos and led me to my final destination.

He told me Hell was a infinite Empire. There was no end to it, if you walked in one direction, there would be no end. Hell was growing minute by minute, day by day. We stopped at a building, surrounded by tall black Walls. We walked inside, I saw a black and grey Mansion, it had a huge courtyard, with odd looking flora and fauna I have never seen before. He told me this was my Mansion, I earned it from my status. We said our goodbyes and I headed inside.

I was introduced to a small group of people. A woman with yellow eyes walked up to me grining. She told me her name, as did the other people with her did. I forgot their names lol. She said she was the cook of the Mansion. Each person there had a select job they were meant to perform in service of me. They kept calling me Master, clearly my status was high as fuck.

I walked up a few stairs and entered a room. In the room was a black desk, it had papers and such on it. Behind it was a oval shaped window that gave me a great view of Hell. I sat down at my desk and began looking at the papers. Each paper had a request written on it from a person here on Earth. These were people praying to demons and any entity they could get in contact with. My job was to pick whomever I wanted to help, and id answer their request. I remember my body being quite different. It seemed as if all my Earthly desires were granted here in Hell. I was hotter than ever. My confidence was sky high. I felt powerful.

Next thing I know a man touched my shoulder from behind. He said Hello to me in a very seductive tone. I turned around to be greeted by a very charming man with long pitch black hair and a beautiful physique. I was startled by him, the only words I could mutter out of my mouth were, who are you. He laughed and gently got me up fron my chair and pushed me on a black leather couch in my office. He simply said I’m whomever you want me to be, before changing into someone I found very attractive. We had Sex. He was my personal Incubus. Capable of shapeshifting into whatever person I wanted him to. Right then and there the Vision ended.

This was my Vision of Hell, it was frighteningly detailed and “real” in a way. I tell you what, if this is what my afterlife is gonna be like when I die, Then I cant wait till someone puts me out of my misery​:joy::joy::joy:


I think this is how it is in general I envision a purple sky however no red no lava tall building and well furfur lol I know once I’m gone I’m going straight to him lol

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I always picture the infernal in the etheric as a nation existing in the underworld, somewhat industrial but also energy based technology. No sky since it’s in the underworld. Strict laws to its citizens, the goetia as one of a few council members and Lucifer as well he ruler, but Abaddon, Lilith, and some others we also higher ruling powers. Honestly it is pretty nice but I have yet to experience astral infernal.


I’m not even sure what I was seeing

I’ve heard of places with purple skies, often mentioned in relation to possible planetary beings but I can’t be 100% since I have no experienced it lol

All I know was I was with furfur when I saw it but idk…maybe it was just a dream

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Did it feel like one to you?

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I think if Hell is an infinite place, all those who have seen Hell have been in some place within that big world. A friend of mine who practices a similar path than I do also had a vision, that was similar to yours, but he said that the place looked “closed”, like it was underground. I’ve never seen the place, but all those things that I want from there have been presented to me and I can enjoy them using various degrees of astral projection.

Not at all I wish I could go back to see it for myself

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