My Video On Spirit Houses/Demonic Vessels

Below is a link where I discuss one of my favourite topics on spiritual communication & evocation and that is spirit vessels/houses.

Hope you enjoy.



Iā€™m inspired by your mention of your Belial vessel is one of your BALG interviews to create one for every Gatekeeper. I have 5 so far.

I used pendant necklaces and keep them on me depending what energy I need or who wants to work with me more that day.

I did have one entity, Samael, break the vessel and when I followed up on what happened, I found he wanted an astral mark on my skin not a vessel, which he created himself and that keeps him near. Otherwise I enjoy this technique and intend to use it more.

Yes please, would love to see the ritual. :smiley:
Not all my vessels seems to be created equally, maybe watching the energy flow of the way you do yours would give me some ideas to resolve that.

Do you ever find that one vessel feels weaker in presence than another?

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