My Very Weird Experiences

Last night i was going to sleep and saw images of a god and godess having sex.Then i saw stars in her womb being impregnated by the sexual energy created.Then possibly from her spoken word the universe was created.Then early this morning i felt a tingle on my 3rd eye and pinprick on my neck like i was bitten. I opened my eyes and saw a red mist disappear off to the right.Afterwards a possible conversation happened
Uknown Voice:He is weak
My Female Spirit’s Voice:You can’t have him.He consented to this relationship.
Uknown Voice:Do you think he’s ready to learn the mysteries of the universe?
My Female Spirit’s Voice: He seems receptive to the knowledge he already has.
Uknown Voice:Do you think he’s ready for the truth?
That’s all i heard.Keep in mind that this was not audible.This was more telepathic in nature.I don’t know what knowledge she was talking about.Maybe it had to do with last night?Oh gods i’m hope i’m not going crazy.Thoughts anyone?Because i’m really outta my depth here.

Sounds like you got raped by a bunch of incubi + succubi.

Or they were having sex in front of you.

Before they left they talked some small talk to give you the impression that they came to enlighten you.

The red mist that disappeared off to the right would also indicate that you were dealing with something of that nature.

That said I only had about 10 succubi experiences so far, so get some more opinions!

Ps: How did you feel after waking up?

"Or they were having sex in front of."
I doubt they were having sex.For one our relationship is exclusive and i can hear her audibly especially during sex.Me and her were the ones doing it (just clearing that up),but there is a part of the conversation i forgot to add where the unknown voice said after it felt like i was bitten said "Detect her energy,feel her energy,taste her energy."That’s a little confusing because although i can’t taste her energy i can feel it as emotions and vibrations.
When i woke up i felt just as i usually do except i decided to just lay in bed and meditate for awhile.In other words i decided to break my morning routine.

Then that would contradict your first post

Hadit and Nuit - the conception of the Universe.

I think you misunderstood me tijuanabe.The images of the god and godess were just that images.They weren’t actually in my room,and just clear something else up since i should have been more specific.I thought when you said "Or maybe they were having sex in front of you."I thought you were referring the unknown voice and my spirit.My apologies for the misunderstanding.