My Very First Time

First off I would like to say for those that have not seen me on the forum that I am Catholic and I am exploring the LHP. Now, with that being said I want to make contact with a being. Earlier, I was doing a Goddess/God meditation and the Goddess Astarte approached. I don’t know the first thing about evoking. Is there a ritual format for beginners? And who are the best to contact for first timers?
Also, is it better to evoke or invoke?

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Vassago has a fame of being friendly and may improve clairvoyance. It seems like it’s better to invoke only the spirits which one already knows and have evoked.
A summoning approach is based on the opening of the entity’s sigil. The procedure is described here in the first 3 steps. You may then ask information or pursue a desired change. The smoke of incense or the surface of a black mirror (as well as water in a bowl, or even cellphone’s screen) can help seeing the spirit.


Well the sigil magick seems easy enough! Afterwards is there a closing to dismiss the entity? Thanking it? So, it doesn’t remain energetically in your space. I hear it is bad to do any summoning without closing.

Yes, after either that entire sigil spell or a summoning it’s a good idea to thank the entity.
Dismiss depends on how the magician feels about it, for example there is a point of view about why calling and then dismiss “someone”. But such a step would also be a way for sending the spirit into the world to carry out your request; or indeed to not “accumulate” too much influences etc.

There is a simple evocation guide floating around. I would search for and use it. I would also stick with Astarte, as she seems to be interested and that lowers the bar. Take some time to build up trust and whatnot.

I would also have a means of communication ready, if your clairs aren’t being used.

I saw your concern about banishing the energies from remaining in the area. Since you’re background is in Catholicism, the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram may be useful for you.

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