My Very Abusive Marriage Led me to seek Deeper Spirit work (intro)

Hi my name’s are Joy Muraba. i usually have very vivid dreams that most times come true upon waking. I realised a few years ago that I can interpret dreams and their mysteries… although not always… while enduring trauma in my past relationship I started being drawn to read more on occultism, magic, sigils and now wanting to work with Duchess/Duke Bune to get financial uplift so I can take care of my kids.
I have been a very religious Christian all my life but now I want to learn more
I have had a few successes in sigils so I just want to know more and be comfortable in invoking n evoking…


Welcome to the forum :slight_smile: I’m sure you’ll find the help you need here, and soon be able to improve your life and live more comfortably with your children.

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I have found some of my most spiritual revelations are through pain and suffering. I also spend a lot of time alone in nature when I can. If one has patience to reflect and work out their issues (which can seem impossible depending on the environment), then one can often progress in many ways. I will say a toxic situation can impede you though but the experience itself, assuming it doesn’t destroy you, can have merit and usage to further your path. At least that’s what I’ve noticed as everyone is different.


Thankyou Dankquanicus… I will sure keep the updates coming…

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Yes. Suffering is the only way our soul finds deep treasure and I consider myself very blessed to be on this journey. Amidst the storms, I have dived deeper in spirit and I fOUND peace and love and my TRIBE. You :blush:.

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