My variation of a Black Sol(Sun) Meditation exercise

Get into a meditative state either standing up or cross-legged, you will need to focus for quiet some time in the beginning. If you feel like taking a step further then you’ll want to create a guided meditation for yourself describing the process I’m about to explain. Now… seated or standing, eyes open or closed you’ll want to press your palms together in the praying position, make sure that the orientation of your hands begins fingers facing up towards your head while the base of your palm, by the wrist, is in between your solar plexus and heart. Then after about 9 breaths or if you’re brave and want to do more do so with multiples of 9 ,such as 9 x 2= 18, while keeping the base of the palm at the solar plexus. Direct the intention of the heart energy to be in front from your solar plexus, with the tips of the fingers now facing forward. While in this held position take 2 more breaths, then a powerful third to pull in the last of your intention as you feel the density of your intention between your hands. As the third breathe exits slowly, curve your fingers slightly to condense and focus the energy into one point, the awareness of your intention, then pull your fingertips apart slowly, at first; remember all of this is happening as you exhale slowly. Upon exhalation and separation the black sun is beginning to form in your hands like a seed planted as you give your last breath to expand it, your point of intentional awareness; now that you have successfully executed the process of creating an orb of intentional energy you can feel the magnetic-like pull in the space between hands. You can keep on expanding on that orb once you’ve formed it by breathing more energy into it and visualising its expansion and growth as you continue to focus and give your your attention because energy flows where attention goes; spend your time on things you want to pay attention to.

The heart is your connection to desire and intention therefore adding that element of your solar plexus allows you to empower them with Will because desires and intentions cannot be acted on unless it is the magicians Will. If knowledge is power then the power is in your hands.


just to add on a lil bit more. it would be best to do the meditation at noon or midnight, at the around 12 on both orientations of the day, symbolic of the first 9 breaths in and out and the last 3 breaths in and out. Also it is at those time that the black sun and normal sun are at their peak and most powerful in energy because it is to my belief that its at those point that their energy is most in sync.

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