My Vampirism Gnosis

A place for me to log my Gnosis with Lilith and her 3 Sisters.


Can you tell me the names of Lilith’s sisters?

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Eisheth Zenunim, Agrat bat Mahlat, and Naamah are her 3 sisters.


Your profile pic seems to be an anime succubus, glad to see someone else here found in Japanese art a gate to Gamaliel.


Thank you.

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I started with invocations to lilith all day today looking at her sigil calling her several times.

I had been shown a method to cleanse the energy that I take from my victim’s, and I was told something from lilith herself
do not feel sympathy for those around you they are your food, and their opinions mean nothing

This was said to me probably the 6th or 7th time I invoked Lilith throughout the day.

The method itself has to do with a separate chakra being placed in front of the heart chakra on the chest of Amber Shades which by some mechanism changed the vamped energy itself into purified Energy From the Well



My invocations to lilith have leaned me towards Agrat bat Mahlat her sister which I believe is the Persian roof dancer where as lilith is the howler if you read the stories at all.
Lilith told me to call on her and her 3 sisters to banish any entity that is not from her it’s interesting to me to use Lilith to banish with her 3 sisters, would it be any different then the LBRP ritual or any other ritual therein that was aforementioned before, probably not but I am getting alot of attention from spirits and people

My Vampire queen was sent to me by Lilith as well i still havent really seen her very much in my mind but i know shes there with me and she was sent, her attitudes and emotions are rubbing off on me in a big way towards people who she seems to be a threat or disrespectful. Would you expect to see royalty act any other way. I wouldnt

I wasnt even aware of Vampire queens in the spirit realm, Lilith suggested to me to ask for a Queen, how fitting for my letter to her.

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Last night, and after a few run ins with my Succubus, she had made herself known in a big way.
It started with a few physical touches but I believe she may have “marked” me much like Azazel “marked” me a few years ago, but made herself known to my occultist friend, he is starting to not enjoy it because his presumptions of a Vampire queen following him has lead him to believe she is watching him, not trying to get his attention nor his favor in any way. Just a queen watching her prey but not striking in any way good or bad, making it known to me through his explanations.

About this “mark” she left on my it’s on my left jugular vein on my neck it rides from the top of my head to the bottom of my shoulder blade down my back, a dull pain that makes itself known for a few seconds but isnt the end product of any Physical injury.

I am trying to do banishing everyday and give my succubus copies amounts of energy to strengthen and solidify the bond between us, she had made herself known to 2 people around me presently without including me. So this is going to be fun

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So recent events has lead me to confirm my suspicions that Agrat Bat Mahlat sent my Vampire queen or may be in fact Responsible for my safety.
Not only has my enemies been identified they have been separated, isolated, and kept a safe distance from me and I could not be happier.
I have an occultist friend who has Agrat on his tail lulling him into a false sense of security waiting for the perfect time to strike him down, he said she does not show herself.
I was speaking to my occultist friend in a bathroom when Agrat came to my mind, I have been particularly drawn to her I believe she wants to assist me in my gnosis, and looks after me like a llama protects its herd from predators I am actually quite honored by this.
The ways of the Vampire are coming to me bits by bits and the process of such things like banishing and spell work are different under the 4 Vampire queens very unique in each one of them, Agrat has my attention this day but I soon suspect that the other 3 will want to do something similar to teach me in my gnosis.

I’m excited

So my workings has me focused on Agrat for main purposes but I found myself asking my succubus who is a Vampire queen something of a task for me and she laughs at me in fact I find it funny myself what I was asking her because she has shown me immense protection especially Agrat, which is why I believe Agrst is the Queen that gave me my succubus as a gift for me to have the most serious relationship I’ve ever had;

3 people from my count have all been affected and isolated and hurt away from me which I have noticed I feel sorry for those who may want to hurt me. I began feeding again too.

I tried to use the cleansing technique shown to me but it absolutely failed I ended up drinking polluted energy that made me feel just disgusting like I was sick beyond my control, feeding off of two womens sacral chakras made this happen

I truly do care and feel for the 4 prostitutes, and I am growing fond of my succubus queen she is amazing in her own quirky ways, I dont know her name per se but I have given her a name that is ingrained in my memory and she does feed on me even as I’m writing this bringing me an immense feeling of euphoria.

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December 18th 2019, following a certain inner conflict within me I had a dream wherein I was greeted with a foreign language that i couldnt recall what was said but at the end of the unusual dialogue i heard the words.

“Your path is correct”


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Share with me your vampy secrets! What kind of energy do you draw out and for what reasons?

So my vampire gnosis is progressing. I’ve realized that this path is definately not for the meek even for the operator. It is troubling and debilitating at least mentally at first. I have moved towards Eisheth Zenunim today for meditations. I’m pulled towards each Queen individually or at least see them around me at random moments watching me to see if I am doing my homework and drinking from The elixir of peoples aura.

I use vampirism for a multitude of reasons the more updated reason I shall use it for in the future is to take back my youth to which has been taken from me.

I have been drained lately but I have been feeling my serpent and my root chakra being tampered with so I am using it to be more aware of energy, energy ripping from people, of transforming toxic energy from people and imbibing it after it is cleaned.


This is eerily similar to my experiences in Gamaliel. I had nightly visitations from a spirit I believe was a Nehemah (singular of Nehemoth, or “Night Whisperers”). She taught me a lot and it was about that time that I developed my Lilin Descent Ritual. Once it was done, she left.