My Unholy Temple - Diary/Journal


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This is purely informative!
Nice work!


Thank you glad you find it helpful :+1:


Love that song! And also i love your progess and experimenting :ok_hand:t2::black_heart::wine_glass:
btw. always when you dig into something you have more questions than answers :woman_shrugging:t2: dont worry answers will come soon :wine_glass:


Thank you sooo much for your support and kind words, glad you like the song :blush:
I totally agree with you, best way to know an answer is to keep digging for it until you find it :black_heart::wine_glass: :+1:


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Had to pause everything to take care of a human trash. Hate it when that happens, but at least I tested the Talismans for destruction.

Target CRUSHED like a bug. No regrets.

My “All Seeing Eye” reminding me that I’m drifting away from my path in a vision. I know.

Random thoughts :

Why people assume that they know shit while they’re as ignorant as a rock? Copy and paste someone else’s knowledge doesn’t make you know what the hell he or she is talking about. It only makes you a good parrot selling someone else’s crap door to door for nothing except feeding your hungry ego with a false image of a teacher.

Why some people find it difficult to maintain a balanced logical mind while working anything spiritual? Spirituality doesn’t mean you become mentally ill and call that magick. There is art in the craft, the mind plays huge part. But there is a difference between practicing magick and practicing mental disease. Especially when you find an asshole online that you don’t know, no clue if he’s typing from a mental hospital or not, encouraging you to praise your delusions and claim your “power” just because he’s an idiot or need company in that hospital. Be careful people… the internet is full of nutjobs. ( Count me in as a suspect ! ) Don’t just follow any B.S because that’s what you want to hear. Think 100 steps ahead and see where that is going to take you.

Careful with people asking for help, and all they want is to use you. When someone rejects doing anything to help himself or herself, insists on “calling the Gods” to get what they want. And using all emotional blackmail tricks in the book to trap you in a corner…“help me or you’re a monster” Then be a monster. Those people deserve nothing. Save your energy for ones who need it and deserve it. “Test the spirit” and you will know which is which.

Going back to the path… all clear.

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Great song ! And i agree with everything you wrote there! :wine_glass::two_hearts:


The more power you gain,more tyrannic ego becomes.Then its the matter of if you can take control of it or not.I hope I am making sense :sweat_smile:


The people I’m talking about got no power whatsoever except their massive ego. It’s not a matter of controlling power that you may or may not have, but maintaining a functional sane mind at all times, one capable of understanding the difference between spirituality and mental illness. You don’t need super-duper magickal power for that, you need education and courage. The ability to be logical and use reason, then only believe what you can prove to be right, not what you wish or need or want to be true.


Thank you so much for your kind support and understanding, glad you like the song :slight_smile:



It makes one think they have wisdom and power though.In this case they already got it it seems


Ooh this one is my favorite quote.


Let me put it like this.

Stupid people thinks they know everything.That creates an ego.Aslo power can create an ego too,but in this case this is not what we are looking for.


Yes that’s my point exactly. For someone who doesn’t know those people, that’s what they would assume. That’s why I’m encouraging people not to accept anything said by anyone out of personal impression… assume everyone is a nutjob and test, research and do your own homework. It’s easy to be a fake teacher online especially when it comes to spirituality where the lines between occult and B.S becomes too thin to see by someone who’s not experienced enough.

On the other hand, many people pretend they’re looking for guidance while all they want is to hear an Echo of their own voice. They want to hear what they want to hear. And when the false teachers give them B.S they praise them. Not just blind following a blind but a blind pushing a blind and himself off a cliff. That’s the game they play and you see it over and over. For those, I don’t care. They deserve each other and hopefully their fall will wake them up, if they survive it. My concern are innocent beginners listening to false teachings… that’s what I’m talking about.


Thank you so much appreciated :slight_smile: :+1:


Spirit Science Episode 6 goes into some of what you describe in your ideas about talismans. I am not a huge fan of New Age teaching(as I find it to be the death knell in modern magic technique) but sometimes it hits a nail on the head- on rare occasion. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. So if you are not familiar with the Flower of Life, look further into it, as it goes into harmonics, architecture, frequency, mathematics, etc.

Nifty ideologies to ponder.


Thank you I’m not familiar with it but I will sure study it, sounds very interesting ! :+1:


Spirit Science Episode 10 goes into more information, more on Sacred Geometry. This was actually what I wanted to share first, but the previous link I gave is a good start for the basis of the concept.


Thank you so much, that’s very kind of you. Really appreciated :+1: