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Yesterday’s results…

After that mistake in practice, went back and concentrated more on directing Chi energy to the correct Target. That solved the issue. The same day, official weather forecast confirmed the expected change for the next 3 days, the drop in temperatures was within minutes … people already back dressing in winter clothes and they seem confused for some reason !

Another Target for practice was inner change using only 3 keys to activate the Eye of the Talisman. Same day, targeted persons - two different people - said exactly the sentences I needed to hear regarding very specific topic that they usually never mention or care about.

Unfortunately couldn’t merge the two Talismans into one as planned. It didn’t feel right, so I used both of them separated. Other than that all went well.

People around me still showing psychological and physical side-effects of time/space manipulation.

Noticed that when Chi energy is generated through a Talisman but without a Target, it turns everything around into absolute and total chaos, physiologically and physically, almost instantly. Will test further today, I have some ideas to use it. But probably will need to move to a remote area for that test.

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Quick update…

Yesterday and today starting my astral-physical projection experimentation using my Talismans, with the help and guidance from wonderful member here. Can’t thank her enough!

The goal is to achieve both astral projection and physical materialization.

Tried physical last night with partial success. The challenge is to maintain both physical appearance and the effect of a physical body in the physical plane. Which requires concentrating on two different levels of consciousness and therefore using two Talismans.

Updating my website-blog.

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It appears I found a good read after the rituals to forget it :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you, I will keep updating it, hope you find it interesting and helpful :slight_smile: :+1:


Last night I tried astral projection, moved around the house just to explore and examine the experience. I didn’t do it before, intentionally at least.

First thing I noticed was a relatively loud bang noise, like something heavy falling, in the house. I was alone at night. Kept my concentration with minimum Chi energy… focused more on my consciousness balance through the Talismans. Different sounds got closer to the room where I was practicing and it was like someone moving things around. Still ignored it and kept my concentration. Then ended the ritual when I felt it was successful.

1st note : When I started I couldn’t balance my energy and there was a resistance. A vision hit me, with a human-like being standing and spinning with wide open arms, slowly. With his eyes closed like he was completely relaxed. Had a body of a human being, but the head of an animal. I understood that the message was to “relax and let go”. So I did. And only then, it started to work.

2nd note : After the astral projection I was thinking about someone I met lately. Nice person but I had the feeling there was something hidden about that person. I got hit again with a vision. Again it was symbolic to what’s wrong with that person, something I didn’t know about, yet.

Who’s that entity and what’s the source of those visions? No idea!

Today morning, did another astral projection experiment with the help of my wonderful friend. I focused on projecting my physical sensations this time by pushing extra Chi energy in my projected “self” to materialize a body or at least what could be projected of a physical body. The experiment was successful but I believe it couldn’t go that well without my friend being spiritually sensitive.

Need to try again with someone without any spiritual experience. Next step !



Love it ! When i went out of my body for the first time i had similar experience :ok_hand:t2: and I love that sooooooooong :joy::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:


Weird stuff I’m all new to astral projection so learning it by doing it :grinning: Glad you love the song, not surprised tho, you have wonderful taste, thanks so much :+1:


Astral projection is cool, what I have learnt over time is emotions, imagination and will rule all actions.

Cool you had the experience.


Thank you so much, yes it’s a truly amazing experience :blush: it opens awareness to much higher and different dimensions. I love it. :+1:


Today I tested astral projection with someone with no spiritual experiences. Didn’t tell what I was going to do. The person reported to me that they felt my presence, like I was there, and saw “something” like a shadow for few seconds. That lasted for about 10 minutes.

The interesting thing for me, is that I performed the astral projection last night, but they felt it next day. The same when I tried to “move stuff” around in my house. When I finished the astral projection, nothing happened so I thought it was a failure or I did something wrong.

But next day… things that I tried to move, were moved. Not the way I was moving them in astral projection but they were in different places when I woke up and decided to take a look at the items just out of curiosity.

Why the Gap in time?! Why I still get those weird sounds at the house, like some kind of paranormal activity, when I perform astral projection? Maybe I’m using too much Chi energy, but less than that I’m not sure would be enough to activate the process.

Before I went to bed last night, I was thinking about what to do next. Was hit with a vision where I saw myself in an elevator. But that elevator was moving sideways, to the left or right, instead of a going up. I understood that as a message that shows what I was doing… I’m moving but not in the best/correct direction. I forgot my purpose and mission. Got busy with what I’m experiencing in the path and forgot my destination. Thank you for the reminder.

Next… Experimenting with time/space continuum. Maybe that would explain the time Gap in astral projection. Until now my focus was on future and present events. Will try to activate time manipulation Talismans and see how that works. How changing the past would affect the present, and how that affects the future, what’s the mechanism behind it, how that is different than creating a future event in terms of the levels of consciousness responsible of causing the change and amount of Chi energy needed for it. Can the speed of time be controlled, to what degree exactly? Right now I have more questions than answers.

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This occasion happened with Koetting too.I will try to find it but my apologizes if I fail,your work is great sir,never give up.


Awesome stuff. Thanks for sharing!


Probably it’s normal then, had no idea. Thank you so much really appreciate your kind support.


Thank you so much appreciated :slight_smile: :+1:


Love it. And… Fantastic man… i want to copy sigil and idea…can I?


Really glad you like it, thank you so much :slight_smile:

Sure please do. It’s combination of different systems, traditions and concepts in one. I only formed one system for them to make it easier to implement in practice. Wish you all success :+1:


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