My Unholy Temple - Diary/Journal


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Tested the operation of a Talisman last night. For external/physical change, and internal/spiritual. The Talisman was supposed to be for power…I didn’t have a specific goal.

When the external change was targeted, I felt a presence of very intense energy. Then a loud whispering voice of an old/ancient woman started to talk, the sound was coming from outside the window of the room. I didn’t understand a word… not sure it was strange language or for any other reason. I listened but kept the Eye and the altered state activated for few minutes.

Then switched to internal/spiritual change. Nothing happened that I recognized. But later when I deactivated the Eye and the Talisman, I heard in my mind a young woman talking to me and felt her touch on my skin. Didn’t see a thing.

Later that night I noticed the people I invited - to check the effect on others - were acting completely out of character ! Like they were drunk or something. We didn’t drink at all because they needed to drive home and I was working. So there was no reason for it. Next day in the morning my brother called - another one lol - said he had weird dreams and woke up feeling lost… again, asked me if I did “something” !!

The test didn’t take more than 10 minutes. Was just trying the Talisman and checking how they feel like, how to measure the Chi energy for each key etc

Today morning, I had a small problem and I used a Talisman for it. It was solved in few minutes perfectly. This is probably the first time I use them for something specific!

I will post what I learned so far… they are way more advanced that I thought and the way they operate is complicated but in practice they work smoothly and naturally.


Your post inspired me to create a sigil that will have 7 sides for each chakra and oversoul will connect them on the center,I am creating it in computer right now,its hard but I think it will pay off :+1:


Sure sounds like a good idea, give it a try and post your progress with it if you can :blush:


Will do !!!


Here’s what I learned in general, until now…

There are 4 keys that represent the 4 elements. Air, water, earth and fire. Plus spirit or the Eye. Each one of those keys are also related to Chakras… each one represents a different Chakra. And they’re also connected to the tree of life, the Eye is connected to Kether and Malkuth ( both of them ) and the 4 elements, each 2 are related to one of the two pillars.

The Talisman are formed on paper first, but then it needs to be memorized and visualized, charged and activated to achieve the desired altered state. It’s not a sigil or a magickal Talisman in the traditional sense.

There are 4 gestures that I know now that represent the way the Talismans are used to activate only 2 elements, or only 3 elements, or all 4 elements and maintaining balance between them. After activating the elements, the Eye is awakened and the altered state of consciousness is achieved. And that causes the desired change by altering space/time, that’s the function of the Eye.

This is the main gesture to activate all 4 elements :


Each number represents an element, the “B” represents the state of Balance between the elements which is needed when all 4 are activated.

More than one Talisman can be used at the same time, one for each hand. For example, in combat/baneful magick, one Talisman can be used for shielding while another Talisman can be used for attack. In the case of Healing, one Talisman can be used to heal the organ while another can be used to target the disease, etc

This gesture can be used the same way an athame/wand is used in traditional magick, to direct energy and also to form the Talismans :


Another important thing to mention. The universe or “the all” or existence, in this system is a conscious being. The system is not based on manipulating “matter” as science or traditional physics describes it. It’s a spirit ! The change takes place because of the interaction between the sorcerer and that “all” spirit. Not by a force of will or blind power.

That’s what I remember at the moment.

My work now is to use the Talismans on different targets, check the effect and side-effects, write down what I learned and keep practice !

Will update my progress :slight_smile:


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Preparing for today’s ritual.

The plan is to create two Talismans. One for Lucifer and another for a Targeted event. Then merge the two into one and work on that for manifestation.

The final Talisman should be similar to this…


First time forming a Talisman for a spirit and first time to use two at the same time, and first time to merge two Talismans into one !

I’m in love with this system. My results improved 1000% since I used it and it’s much better for me than using traditional techniques. The Talismans are full of energy, intelligence, and power. It’s nothing like anything I ever practiced before.

I think this will be my primary magick system from now :slight_smile:


Why is that sound extremely similar a theory of mine ?? :slightly_smiling_face:


The idea of merging several sigils or Talismans into one is not new, I’m sure you will find it everywhere or thought about it yourself, but in this system it is, because it means something completely different than what it means in any other.


You showed me I am on the right track though. :slightly_smiling_face:
Good luck with the manifesteiton !


Thank you really appreciated & Good luck to you too :slight_smile: :+1:


Note to self : FOCUS !

Was in ritual practice targeting some rain, was aiming for flooding rain that cover all streets of the city… heard loud bang, left everything and went out… the main water pipe of the area exploded and all streets around the block are right now flooded with water.

… Oops.

I will take a break then back to practice.



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Thank you doing my best, glad you like it :blush: