My Unholy Temple - Diary/Journal


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Things are getting more weird… but first the weather. The storm I was creating is taking form, looks good and massive. Targeted area is deep within the land so hopefully it will remain strong.

The other experiment is going well, strange events taking place all at once whenever I trigger that mental-magickal state. Only one of them is this :

Last night, my brother telling me he came from work at 7 pm. Decided to take a nap. But woke up at 9 pm like it’s the end of the world… dressed, had quick breakfast and called a car, waited for the car the whole time at home. When the driver showed up he went out, came back 2 minutes later because he realized it’s 9:30 at night the same day, laughing hysterically and can’t understand what’s going on. Called and asked me if I’m doing “something”… I said nothing of course because he wouldn’t understand and it would only freak him out.

So… will keep going with it and keep recording what happens, and try to connect the dots between the events looking for clues and connections.

Decided to call this technique, Supernova.


You can create storms ?


Yeah looks like I can :slight_smile:


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I like the sound of asteroids, besides they kind of burn up in atmosphere and bring lovely rocks for the earthlings to collect


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Yes I totally agree with you, but at this moment if it works I want to make sure it will be limited to exactly what it should be… difference between fireworks and global catastrophe in magick could be very thin sometimes. But I’m keeping that in mind I really love the idea. And I already performed a ritual for it at one point then stopped. I will get back to it no question about it. Glad you like it too :slight_smile:


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My mind is receiving information…

What we call magick is the ability to alter consciousness at will to cause change in what we perceive as physical reality.

But consciousness is not one level or frequency. There are lots of levels within consciousness. Each level or state once achieved would cause different change in reality.

Those levels or frequencies can be translated in codes and symbols, and those codes can be formed into Talismans, to help the mind focus and maintain concentration. During this process those Talismans while the mind is focused on them, are charged and activated, become part of the consciousness they’re attached to.

Something like the ones used in Dr.Strange movie lol …

The different frequencies or levels of consciousness are determined based on different senses of perception. When specific amount of life force or energy or mana or chi, is directed towards one sense, that channel is activated, then one can move to the next until the desired altered state is achieved. And “the eye” code/symbol or inner consciousness is awakened.

Each change in reality requires a specific altered state of consciousness or frequency.
It’s a complicated and advanced technology.

I can see those talismans in my mind but can’t translate them yet… I “know-feel” the meanings but can’t express it in words.

I will try to translate one of those Talismans and use it with Supernova tonight.


What I understand so far… the symbols around the center of each Talisman represent an element of consciousness with a specific degree/amount of energy or chi needed to activate it.

When working a Talisman there’s always an element to start with, the dominant/masculine and one to end with in the circle, the feminine element. Moving clockwise or anticlockwise. Depends on the nature of change, internal-material-physical or spiritual-mental-psychological.

Each element is represented by a code or symbol, a key. In the middle of the Talisman is the eye of the Talisman or the targeted state of consciousness, which is a Talisman in itself with its own symbols but wouldn’t be activated without the keys.

This is an example from a similar design but each Talisman is completely different than the other :


The Talisman is like a subconscious program or software that works in the background while the mind and body are acting according to that program.

Within each Talisman, a sigil of a spirit can be used without any need for evocation, except in the first activation ritual. After that, the spirit is called each time the Talisman is used for any operation.

Many questions to be answered. How those things are supposed to be created and stored? How the superconscious in implemented in the Talismans? How the energy needed for each element is represented, what’s the measurement tool ? …

Still translating the Talismans and preparing for the ritual tonight. If I can’t find answers on time I’ll just use what I know and figure out the rest in practice… I guess !


I was there when you wrote your first 3 lines in this thread.
I was like, is he going to create a storm? From where I come from they hold rains…So I watched!

How awesome. This is one you have done is awesome! :muscle::muscle:


Thank you so much that’s very kind of you, really appreciated :blush::+1: