My understanding of Karma

This is a really polemic topic,even among occultists,but I might as well share my understanding about this.

Karma,or the Thrice returning law,I suppose.I can´t accept that there´s an all benevolent entity who will punish misdeeds or an elastic-like energy that will come back to hunt you for the shits you´ve done.In a world with pimps,bureaucreats and all kinds of nasty folks who keep running their business,this don´t make a lot of sense.
Also,we do live in an infinite universe,so it doesn´t make sense for this stuff to just go back to us.

So,what is then,this mysterious effect that many important and powerful occultists mention?
Well,I do believe that it´s related to action and reaction.Everything we do,has a consequence,may we like it or not.
Examples:Forgeting to wear the condom that one time may fuck you up,getting into a fight with the son of the principal at school will surely get you into trouble,although the negative consequences may take time to manifest,they will.

As practicing occultists,we are aware,and constantly deal with more potent forces and energies than most people,that´s why the rituals for protection and license to leave are so important.We become small magnets and lamps as we build our power.As a side effect,most of the time our actions are more intense.
This is the reason why it´s so important to divine the consequences of your ritual.

So it less about a metaphysical judge going at you with a really thick role and more about Newton´s stuff.

Make sure the person you are going to use a love spell on isn´t secretly a crazy psychopath
Search about how the disappearence of the person you are trying to curse will affect you
And ask yourself,is this person really worthy of the energy I will spend on a curse?

Thanks for the reading.

I wonder if Karma is just a way to scare people to be good? Is this what the idea of Christian hell does?

Karma, when being used innocently can just mean consequences for your action. If you do something bad or illegal, then people, such as law enforcement will retaliate. Another thing is doing something bad to someone may make you feel guilty, a negative emotion. Imo, karma is mostly bogus. We have the ability to control our own karma by rejecting it, e.g., some people have the ability to ignore or turn off feelings like guilt.

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I view karma as just something that affects the faith it was built into. Outside of it doesn’t matter and everything else is just personal karma understanding.


These are different concepts.

One originated in India, which has to do with the consequences of ones actions and how it affects their next life.

The other is a Wiccan construct that states that a Wiccan may not curse lest they receive that same negativity, amplified.


Thanks for the mentioning the origins of the terms.I´m a chaoist,so I thought it both words referred to the same structure