My uncle, dead, is tormenting my aunt

Hey, guys. My family is going through a problem… One of my own has been showing signs of insanity, but she’s acting like her dead brother… They took her to the center of the pyrite: there they gave certainty that it is the spirit of her brother deceased tormented her… How can I help her in this situation: KoF’s banishment spell would be a good??? Which entity should I call in this situation?? Raphael???


Find whatever god of the deceased/cemetaries exists for his ancestors back prior to Christianity/Islam, and find what offerings they may appreciate, also get 3, 7, or 9 coins (normal currency is fine, and they don’t need to be the highest value coins).

Wait until after dark, summon the god (outside your house is best) by calling their name three times, facing west, or south.

State that you commend the soul of (his name) to their care, to carry him beyond this world and into the next, that he troubles the living no more.

Leave the offering out for them, or pour it on the ground, and offer them the coins, hold them out then close your eyes and cast them away, and state “Take also these coins in payment.”

This may take a few days to show effects, be patient.


Thank you

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I am writing this down @Lady_Eva! Thank you. I was going to comment and say it seems to me to be a posession and walk in situation. That is why she’s acting like him. It is him. I think @Lady_Eva’s suggestion is perfect. Hopefully whoever you call will pull him out and resolve the problem. Let us know how things go.


So … I could not do anything! :confused: simply my mother did not give me permission to act in my own way … She said that if I want to help I should pray … My family that is involved in this is a little Christian and spirited, so for her I am immature and mine knowledge is less than theirs in relation to spirituality … So if she did not give me permission to act, I will not do anything! I was going to spend some time that I could spend on my future to help … So I will not do anything! Thanks for the strength :muscle:!