My Transition into the Gatekeepers

I’ve been asked by two BALG members to comment on what I’ve been doing magically up until the point of coming back here. Well the last big magical project I was involved in was the creation of an entity I used for over two years with great effect. I loved working with her as she became my closest companion in the spiritual realm.

I then got involved in Radionics, which turned out to be a disaster as the results I got were lousy and nothing like what I expected. I do like the science behind this as it concentrates on energy, which is what magic does but Radionics does it in a different way and this tends to disagree with me. I will stick to the older forms of its application from now on, namely Black Magic.

This prompted a resting phase for me as I needed to charge my batteries and reflect on my past and where my future shall go in this great work of ours. I few months after this I was led back to BALG and saw that E.A had started to put out a path working on the nine demonic gatekeepers. This was exactly what I was looking for as it would release me from the past, strip away unwanted elements and allow me to continue on with a new approach to life.

I treated myself to all nine Grimoires and read Belial without a master. What I could gather was that Belial allows us to become aware of the lies put forward by priests and followers of many religions, he reveals your chains and those controlling factors, which keep men at bay; you are then given the courage and motivation to break them, Fucking WOW!!

Even before I started any serious work with Belial, he revealed underlying issues within me. I developed Rosacea over my nose and cheeks, which made me, examine my diet more carefully. The tooth that I had been having problems with all summer started getting worse, which finally made me address the situation once and for all and get it extracted. My relationship with my brother just dwindled away without any concern from me; it seemed to bother him more. It was amazing how even before I started working with Belial, he began his campaign on me.

Instead of using E.A’s rituals in the book I was confident enough to employ my own as I have a great deal of experience with evocation so I prepared in my usual ways and performed the rite of summoning I’ve refined over the years. There was a very strong intensive feeling all around me in the circle; no external appearance, just a faint internal image of this warrior in red. Hard to see if it was armour but he had a red hood on which was fluted in texture. He was definitely present; I guess he’s one of those spirits that needs to be worked with many times before he will fully show himself

Two days after the ritual early in the morning I woke up to ideas that I needed to escape from. There was a very strong intuitive message that said “I am here, I have always been here but you chose to ignore me”

I truly believed this as I’ve had these thoughts and feelings many times but did nothing about them. It appears that these Demons are deep within human nature and we must open up too them, we are the doorways to let them through into our lives where they can establish their rightful place again within this world. It seems that I was off to a good start with Belial although he will only show you the way, we must be prepared to do the work ourselves, which is what I wrote into the pact I created for the above evocation I did.