My thoughts

Is it possible that caring too much can ultimately lead someone to not caring at all? Like maybe someone cares a lot about what people think of them that in the end they just end up not caring at all. I’m feeling like this and have felt like this for so many years. There really isn’t a point in buying name brands is there? Overpriced shirts for what? You wash em a couple of times and boom they shrink. Same with everything material. Why put so much effort in wanting to own these things. Honestly these things are only temporarily yours as soon as you die they are sold or given to someone else; even if it’s a family member that one thing isn’t yours. I mean it’s really nice having nice things, but why do people let these extrernal things define them? People are like sheep just following whatever is hot at the moment. Although I sometimes don’t agree with magik I can have respect for people on this forum and whoever practice it because they’re thinking is theirs alone. Their individuality has not been taken from them. I get mad and sad simultaneously. I want to help them and let them see the truth, but they anger me because not only are they stuck in their ways and thick headed, but they seem to not care and are happy. I just hate seeing wasted potential in all people especially in myself. People need to realize that there is only one of them. Never to be created again. They need to see the power they have. Human beings are all the same. I think we all want the same things. Love, security, sense of purpose, happiness. We’re so alike that the smallest difference ends up being the biggest. Like a pitch black picture with one white dot in the middle. It’s a small dot and only one of them, but it makes the biggest difference. I don’t know if what I said makes sense or is just pointless. I’m just ranting is all.

I think you can get burned out on something, but may keep coming back around to whatever that is until or unless you get new information or realisation that changes your attitude.

It makes them feel good or they wouldn’t do it. It’s not up to to you to decide for others what they like. I don’t see what business it is of an unrelated 3rd party what games someone wants to play.

It’s tough to see people miserable, to see unfairness and suffering knowing it could be different. It’s even worse to accidentally cause it because you weren’t strong enough, fast enough, clairvoyant/sentient or clever enough to preempt it.
It’s the state this planet is in right now, and you’re taking part in that. You can only do your best, and when you fail, learn and do better next time.

Part of doing your best is concentrating on you and your issues and your ascent. The reason for this, IMO, is that the whole of humanity is ascending en masse. Humans ascension is progressing in a band of frequencies. That means anything we can do to put the top frequency of the band up, pulls up the people at the bottom of the band by their bootstraps. Makes it harder to do, but worth it for nobody’s loved ones to fail.

(I don’t believe in the idea that some will be left behind - the collective consciousness already decided if there’ll be a Ragnarok or a rapture, we’ll all go or none, and that itself was one of the breakthroughs in ascension we had to make to continue the experiment in 2012. - there’s a few “ok, none then” pivot points, which we have passed, if you believe the new agers. It’s one of the few points I disagree with EAs channeled info from Belial on - ot that I don’t trust the channel, I don’t share Belial’s opinion, basically.)

So another piece in this collective ascension, is the attitude of those who have taken and stand in their power to the lower ones then. Energy follows mind and emotion, that’s how magik works, so if you dwell on how asleep, negative, “thick headed”, or mean people are, you’re directly contributing to manifesting and keeping that in reality. You become part of he problem you see, to an extent, by unconsciously doing magik to sustain it.

Maybe try to visualise the way you wish it were more, and look for opportunities to encourage respect, caring and discernment in others. Get over the minor judgement that some people self-medicate with addictions to shopping or substances or behaviors, and give what you can to bring them up, leading by example.