My theory of evocation

My thoughts theory of evocation and this world: When we evoke or invovke bringing “spirit” or communication with Interdimentional Beings its like asking someone someone in 4 Dimension to pop into a 3 dimensional video game and i say game cause all the rules are in place and there are players who have certain skills and advantages an others who have inclination to thrive only in the game and others who want to thrive in and out of the game. Now outside of the game is the dark energy the dark fizzy electricity, so those who don’t wish to go beyond the confines of the game are simply going back into the fizzy darkness and go back as if on reset no recall. And those who have some recall are those who are progressing.
Those we call Spirits / Ancients and those who we consider Interdimentional because they can come pop in and visit our 3d game and who are a combination of those of us that hav superseeded the game and those who were perhaps in an entirely different game and superseeded theirs and thus live on higher planes / dimensions and u wondering if there are those who were never in a game. Either way that is how im seeing it. They can visit our game from outside it. And we can visit outside of the confines of the game and its rules to live or visit.
Quite often this world seems like this like glitches here n there. However it is seen we are not limited unless we choose to be.
I understand that being grounded helps to maintain prescence in our reality but even though thats the case i sometimes still see glitches or feel like it is. Even going at it at the gym can keep me in the present moment but afterwards sometimes i feel like im flying.