My theoretic understanding of qlipoth and the black sun and its black flames anchors

Hello guys.

So first.

The black flame mantras of Azazel:

Alash tad’alash talashtu<>Ea Koetting
Natz ferrata inferum negra<>A. Ravenstar
Knea latentum un fruregro mein delec salo atotos<>Behemoth X

Black flame mantras of the Naga(s):

1.Krerra Naso vivane Nissan gnabre somo na e tassa Sen.
2.Omo Kath nasan onko Issa nasith ilst
3.Odho Lia’rs ka tis Satis Sa mar as sah.


These are brought by entity’s who interpreted the frequenzy and sound and meaning of the Black sun trough the art of words and wording of it unto the chosen channel anchors and beings as now humans.

These beings have contact or are in the spiritual realm of the Black sun and are very aware of it and of its power.

So these chants are used as the bringer of the flames and flares of black sun itself to the practitioner’s peto of personal power gain and personal thus black alchemy construction material.

For I now understand it like this.

I practiced these chants of these beings for now aproxemetly 2 to 3 years daily non stop.

And it brought me great power and ascensions~descensions. It brought me huge material of power to use(And still is) . And I have cultivated it big scale.

But this raw power material hasn’t any form or so to say finery yet it’s bether sat refinery. And the more time went by I was beginning to get more and more drawn to the qlipoth and its related system.

Now I bought Michel W. Fords book the scales of the black serpent or so to say. Big Apreciation! I like it!

And got a picture and vision in my head of the whole dark system like:

Nahemoth. Naamah the black earth the first qlipha you initiate in is the nurture aspect your being as a seed planted in the earth taking all dark minerals in from Lilliths waters brought unto the black earth.

The seed (You) is beginning to get further roots and foundation(Luciferic Lhp mentality, skills) and starting to hedge it from Naamah~Nahemoth to lilith Gamaliel moon waters Vampiric entity’s whereas you too is like a Vampiric entity who sucks these energy further in to further grow the little now Graslike seedling.

Well I would argue that I was not a litle seed I had many past practices and cultivated energy so the growth for me wasn’t that complicated I just channel the now energy I have into that qlipoth seedling to growth.(Forming of the Black flame energy)

The more you go up to the qlipoth the more three branches you will have the more leaves you have.

The more you can absorb the dark energys of the Black Sun into your system.

The black sun is like the Negro Solaire energys you as the three of death absorb trough practice and make photosynthesis out of it.

To nurture further your growth as a magical qlipothic or Demonic practitioner.

When you reach the first time Thaumiel you can be proud of that you made it and be happy but for the first stage I think you are a whole three but a young and little one.

So practice practice AND practice.

The above sphere are the givers the below are the takers it is a whole like economic system that refills itself and refines itself and grows itself.

Thus gives the whole black flame power definition form and refinery.

T. F.

I am always open to learn for that practices and knowledge from other people and to rethink my worldviews and such so if I’m wrong go get me!