My temple burned

i never said that lol

That’s what I inferred from this statement.

And not all aghoris’s ishta devta is bhairava or any of his forms.

what i sais is that Aghoris worship Bhairava, which they do.

I never said only Aghoris worship Bahirava

You know a lot about bhiarava eh ?
Then answer this In devi kavach or armour of goddess prayer(which is a part of devi mahatmaya or durga saptshati the most known story of goddess whose every shloka is a mantra itself)she is called to protect the practitioner from bhairava, why she is called to protect from bhairava if people worships him ??

And I have given you the reason why I wrote that because that’s what I inferred from your statement of aghori and bhairava connection because not every black dress guy is aghori.

not really but ive worked with him

maybe because the practicioner needs to get on Bhairava’s good side before worshipping him?

I had a moment recently. I lit my candles on my altar (all in candle holders except 1 at the back which split in two and disintegrated like wax flood. More than normal candle burning. I had a necklace with lucifers sigil and the all seeing eye together which was embedded Ito the wax on the altar! Then the lighter I’d used blew out and left a horseshoe mark on my altar lol


Cool, maybe the wax must have charged the sigil and all seeing eye. At first it looks like a bird ,then from another angle,looks like a reptile mouth. When something happens like this, It makes us believe more in what we do. Anyway thanks for sharing :heart: :orange_heart: :yellow_heart:


I notice the bird! But now that you mentioned it yes there is a reptile mouth! Made me think of how birds clean the reptile teeth! @Angel666 feels like its representing codependance! Sorry I tend to read into things :sweat_smile:

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I think the energies are higher than ever lately, I don’t know if it’s the situations around the world and/or that there are more LHPers coming together and sharing, summoning, invoking etc but there’s definitely a charge in the ether!


I think what you are saying is true, after the incident,I can feel high energy vibrations in my temple as well. Might be a reason.

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Thanks Antony, I need to change my candle holder. Most of it is ceramic.