My team

So lately I’ve been looking for my guides, my “spiritual team” if you will. So I sat down and began to breathe. I pulled up a meditation. Before I began play, foxes came to mind. I was taken to a forest. (Nature seems to be a key thing, I’m always taken to a natural place.) I was sitting on a rock and was approached by a large fox. I asked him who he was. “I’m your guide. Your totem animal. Well, of several.” Without warning, he crawled up my back and curled up on my shoulder. We walked across a bridge, into another part of the forest. A Raven was watching from above and an arrow flew past me, I didn’t see who shot it, but I intuited that it wasn’t meant to kill, but it was meant to be seen. The wheel of Hekate was carved into every tree. I walked into a cove, where Hekate was tending to a tree. It was like a gathering place. I saw Lucifer sitting on a rock. Morrigan, literally just waiting for me. Raphael, smiling. Shemyaza, gazing upon me. I began to just feel the ones who were my guides. They didn’t even have to be there I just simply knew.
The fox, The Raven, Morrigan, Hekate, Lucifer, Shemyaza, Raphael, My higher self and god self, and many more.


That’s a dream team there! You have a lot to work with