My target its blocked... what can I do?

Hey everyone.

So, I’ve been evoking demons to get a certain person to love me (Sallos, Dantalion, Amon) and multiple readings tell me that these demons are around me but can’t get to her… like there’s a wall around her blocking them.
What can I do to make it go away?

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Is she into the Magickal arts also?

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no, she’s not

Is this something you want more than anything without hesitation or reservation.

She doesn’t have to be. According to my own spirits, sometimes there’s politics behind spells and curses, which sometimes prevents a positive outcome for the magician.

Spirits do negotiate, plead some deals and silently walks away. And some spirits never mess with the free will, but can raise attraction and awareness if the target has it subconsciously.


Could you tell me more about this? What would they have to gain from doing this?

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What is a better experience? With, or without resistance? The more resistant it is, the less pleasurable it becomes, and the outcome of that will give a bitter aftertaste. It’s unrewarding.


@succupedia If it’s political someone has to be in charge? Is it just a matter of making the right connections or would you consider this a lost cause in your opinion?

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Don’t quite get what you meant by that. Could you use op’s situation as an example for this please? Is the guardian angel of the person he’s targeting making deals with the entities to make his spells less powerless?

Why doesn’t spells and curses work on every target? Have you ever asked yourself that question? Maybe because a spell or a curse is intelligently delivered with either a spirit or the energy from the one sending it to it’s target. Sometimes there’s something or someone blocking the spell or curse, making it useless.

An action requires some kind of reaction for it to work, don’t you agree with that? It will either COMPLY, REJECT or RESIST. And who knows what kind of spirits that girl has in her life, whether she knows it or not.

Maybe @Lady_Eva can explain this further?

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My intuition said she has another guy protecting her. Possible rival. Mayhaps not romantically involved, but nonetheless a sort of protected spiritual asset relationship where such a person/s dont want some random dude dicking around with her, who may also be controlled/influenced knowingly or unknowingly (this is the political part) by magickal and spiritual forces.

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Thank you everyone for your replies.

First, I don’t think there’s someone protecting her. She doesn’t know the first thing about magick and she doesn’t soround herself with people who know.

Second, I’m not some random guy, I’m her ex lol.

is there anything I can do to make the blockage go away?

Who’s good at clearing any obstacle?

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I wouldnt be too sure. You dont just get blocked out of the clear blue. Something is up to be able to do that. Maybe your not telling everything?

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I haven’t spoken with her in weeks, haven’t seen her in months… Last time we spoked she told me she needed some time (we live in different cities in the summer so it was the best call) but she was sure I’m good for her: she told me that if she could “choose” her feelings she’d choose to love me.

So why can’t she choose her feelings

because we don’t choose who we love? It’s a complicated story, she had feelings for another guy, she was trying to forget about him, and she realised she wouldn’t be good for me if she kept thinking about him

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Sounds like she is kinda consciously blocking you based on how she feels.

When casting any spell a deity has to acced to your ritual, without his acceptance or agreement the casting will not be carried out. Just because you cast a love or attraction spell doesn’t mean it will be successful or accepted by a deity.

What Meowlix is saying isn’t that her new romantic interest is involved in magic and protecting her but that with a new relationships, it would be very difficult to influence her to come back to something she had broken off.

Realizing also with an attraction casting that the spirit would have to destroy her new relationship to have her come back to you, would not work as she has already made up her mind to form new relationships and move on from her past.