My talks with Raphael last night

Last evening I summoned Raphael to aid with a healing on someone, but before we began I had a 5 minute discussion with him about angels and I asked him why they hold so much authority over other species of entities. This is what he said:

Raphael: when we are spoken of as having a higher vibration, it means that we are closer to malkuth then the other entities. Although we choose to dwell in other places, we are capable of coming to your world into a physical form. This ability comes with age, but it is not our place to come into your world.

I said: ok I understand that you can transform into a physical form, so does that make you something of an authority or how does that work?

Raphael: Rank mostly is a natural law that comes through dimension. The lower the dimension the lower the rank you are to the dimensions above. Each dimension is a level of evolution. I cannot explain to you what you will become because you cannot understand what being an adult is when you are an infant. What I can say is this. We hold authority by age. 2 is number 1 reflecting itself but both come from the same place. Each number increasing and multiplying. Number 1 holds authority over number 2 because it is older. Number 2 holds authority over number 1 because it is larger. But they are the same… I cannot explain this any better as you simply cannot understand yet. Once your species evolves, we will make our presence truly known and have further discussions.

I said: thanks Raphael. I will pass this along the best that I can.


I would be interesting to see how or if reincarnation fits in this.

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How clear was his physical manifestation last evening? And what techniques you used to see, communicate with spirits clearly/directly?

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He was not in a full form last night. As rarely summon angelic entities but since I was healing I decided to. He did place his hands on mine during the reiki session and pushed extra energy through. I could feel the coldness. The form I did receive was in a purple light that came from the darkness on the wall. I saw a large bird, perhaps an eagle, with images in my mind of what seemed like a greek male, muscular. Angels are MUCH different to call upon. I sing their names in their heads, I go back to my catholic roots, I place my hands in prayer position. I use Guardian Angel oils and incense by magickal pathways in new jersey. I vibrate myself much higher to get into their frequency.


Great man, hope you develop both astral travel and astral senses to help in your journey. Both Raphael and raziel did miracle for me, including curing terminal level illness overnight.

One thing I have realized is that even for the PROs it is not easy to get clear manifestation of the entity.

How much does magical oil stuff help in your opinion? Is it just an extra nudge, and that’s all?

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Everything has similar vibrations that pull towards eachother. The true law of attractions. On the flip side everything has opposing vibrations. Using the correct, oils, herbs, scents, colors, and so forth can help attract an entity to WANT to come to where you are.

I have only had a few full manifestations… not many. I did develop a means of making it happen in a past post somewhere. It requires soul travel


Hmmmmm… good question

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is the evaluation just physical or is it spiritual or both? and Why?Does the body have to catch up to the soul?

Ingo Swann

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